Things you didn’t know about submersible water pump prices that you will now know.


The submersible water pump is a motor closed device that is bound to the pump body and is sealed and air tight. The devices are meant to be totally submerged in water and  they rotate and push the water outwards through the motors that power the impeller.

They are used in various ways and can be applied in different ways. The uses include; deep well drilling, sewerage treatment plants, firefighting and seawater handling. Maximum utility is a major benefit that we aim for in purchasing an y device and more so the very best and fair prices. There are various rules you need to follow in the submersible water pump prices in Kenya as we will discuss below.

Submersible water pump prices in Kenya

The prices vary according to different aspects including; quality, head discharge, material makeup, the power requirements and many more.

Types of submersible water pumps

There are various types of water pumps which are used for different purposes. Common types include; deep well pumps, bottom suction pumps, water cooler pumps, stainless steel pumps, oil filled pumps, axial flow pumps and mixed flow pumps.

Each type is tailor made and contains features that make it best suited for the performance for certain applications.


  • They are efficient and effective
  • They are good in conservation of energy
  • They have reduced noise pollution capabilities
  • They can handle both solids and liquids adequately


  • The damage may not be easily noticeable due to the fact that it is submerged in water
  • In comparison to the non-submersible pump it is costly
  • Internal parts can easily be damaged by the lack of gasket integrity
  • You require different pumps for different uses, single and sump pumps cannot be used interchangeably to perform the same functions

Rules to follow in consideration of submersible water pump prices in Kenya


The quality of a submersible water pump may be influenced by the quality. Sometimes if something is too cheap you find yourself doubting its quality standards. It is better to spend more on quality in the long run.

The material makeup

The materials used to make these water pumps are different. The materials used can be used as a selling point and this is where you have to do your research to ensure that you get the most appropriate pump.

Power requirements

The mode of power supply is necessary as the need for a more efficient power generation method is more may be through a generator or solar powered by generator may be more costly.


The parts that accompany a submersible water pump for it to function appropriately also determine the price. The more the accessories required the more costly a submersible pump is. It is necessary to consider the accompaniments to ensure that its worthwhile and affordable.

The need, preference and budget of an individual determines what to purchase and where. The submersible water pump prices in Kenya are not immune to such trends as discussed above. Find the right submersible water pump for the best experience.

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