Things to Know Before Getting Laser Treatment for Your Acne Scars


Acne never comes alone. It is better to say that acne and scars are twins. When an outburst of acne hurts a lot, scars make the skin pale and lifeless. When skin pores are blocked by oil, dirt, and dead skin cells, acne occurs.

Bacteria attack the pores, cause swelling, and break the follicles. As an outcome, red bumps filled with pus appear everywhere on the face. Sometimes acne appears in the forms of whiteheads and blackheads. When acne gets inflamed, it may lead to skin scarring.

Acne causes scars in 90% of cases so modern science has come up with various treatments to deal with scars. You should know the type of scar you have to decide which acne scar treatment is required. Laser is the most popular one among all these treatments. If you are considering lasers to get rid of scars, hold on! Before getting a laser treatment, you should learn about some vital facts.

Listed below are some essential facts about a laser that you should know:

  • The laser makes cars less visible

Nowadays, the laser has become a go-to treatment for dermatologists. This treatment can stop a scar from forming after the treatment, pain, and itching, and increase the range of your movement when a scar limits your movement. Moreover, laser treatment can make scars less visible. This treatment intends to replace your visible scars with less visible ones.

  • The final result depends on the skills of the professional who performs the laser treatment

The result of the laser treatment may vary from that of your friend. It depends on the knowledge and skills of the person who is performing the treatment. If performed properly and safely, it is bound to give you the best outcome. Therefore, before opting for the treatment, make sure your skin is on safe hands.

  • A medical consultation is mandatory before laser treatment

Is your consultant ready to provide the treatment without any prior medical consultation? Then, it would be better to walk away. You should provide your dermatologist with a list of medications you take because you may need to stop taking some of your medicines to heal soon and prevent the scars from spreading. Your dermatologist needs the following information:

  1. Do you get cold sores frequently?
  2. Do you have any medical issues, such as obesity?
  3. Do you smoke?
  4. Do you take any medications or supplements?

By providing the dermatologist with all the required information, you can ensure the success of your treatment.

  • Before the treatment, sun protection is essential

If you are planning for laser treatment with sunburn, the dermatologist may refuse to treat you as the laser may cause a burn or color change of your skin. After taking the treatment, you must protect your skin from direct exposure to sun rays. Several studies have revealed if harmful sun rays hit one’s treated skin, the person may develop another scar.

  • Few lifestyle changes are required before the treatment

If you want to get the best result, you need to adopt a few lifestyle changes after the treatment. Some suggestions recommended by the dermatologist are:

  1. Stop smoking for at least two weeks before taking the treatment
  2. Quit the intake of vitamin E, aspirin, and other medications or supplement that may delay the healing process
  3. If you tend to develop cold sores, take medicine to prevent it
  4. Protect your skin from sun

Bottom Line

Sometimes, more than one laser treatment is required to help the patient leverage long-lasting outcomes. In such cases, the dermatologist may schedule a series of laser treatments. If you have chosen laser as your acne scar treatment, do not forget to consider the facts discussed above.

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