Things to Know About Trending Rainhead Showers!


If you’re working all day long, then you’ll probably believe that bathrooms are a place of retreat. So, to provide a welcoming environment to your bath space, you should install taps and fixtures that offer a spa-like experience.

Of all, the most luxurious bathroom fixture is the ceiling-mounted rain-head showers. Taking a shower underneath these unique shower heads is relaxing and extravagant. So, more homeowners and interior designers are enticed by the trending shower heads for bathrooms.

This article will give you some quick yet valuable insights into the trending rain-head showers. Please stick to the end of the article to know more about it.

Let’s delve in!

Benefits of Installing a Rain Shower Head

A long and tiring day at work calls for a refreshing and calming shower. So, rain-head showers are likely to give you the most soothing shower experience. Here, we have listed the advantages of installing rain-head showers in your bath space:

●   Shorter Time for Shower

When you install a rain shower head, you will find yourself spending less time in the shower. The water from this unique shower head can saturate your body evenly and quite effectively.

So when you spend less time in the shower, you will spend less water. However, you might also find the shower so intriguing that you won’t feel like stepping out of it. Thus, you will end up spending more time under the shower.

●  An Exclusive Experience of Shower-in-the-Rain

If you love getting drenched in the rain, then you can install a rain shower head in your bathroom. Thus you’ll be able to get the same experience without worrying about falling ill. As the gentle and smoothly flowing water pours down your body constantly, it will soothe your muscles from head to toe. Besides, this wonderful bathing experience will also calm your spirits.

●   Luxurious and Elegant Design

The rain-head showers can essentially boost your bathroom’s aesthetics and take its style quotient to a completely different level. These modern shower heads are generally sleek and come with a polished chrome finish. This unique and luxurious design makes shower heads one of the most beautiful fixtures in your bathroom.

●   Hands-free Shower

There can be nothing better than taking a hands-free shower after a long day at work. While minimising your movement, you can stand under the rain head shower and enjoy the beautiful experience.

Factors You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Rain-Head Shower

While shopping for rain-head showers, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Some of the most prominent ones include:

  • Choose an appropriate placement
  • You must have sufficient space for mounting a rain-head shower
  • Check for the prices, as these shower heads are usually expensive
  • Opt for the best quality as these shower heads don’t have good water pressure like the standard shower heads
  • Look for the fittings and features the rain-head showers come with

Once you consider these factors, it will become easier for you to purchase the best rain-head shower.

To Conclude

Upgrading your shower can be either costly or affordable. Purchasing rain-head showers that come with high-end features will cost you more. So, if your household is enormous and you plan to use the showerhead regularly, you should have a better budget. This will allow you to purchase something that is of better quality and more durable.

Kohler’s rain-head showers don’t just have an exquisite design but are also highly functional. If you plan to upgrade your bathroom, you can install these unique shower heads for a better experience.

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