UV rays of the sun, age, gravity, stress, and poor lifestyle are just some of the many factors which impact our skin. With time the skin in particular areas of the face and neck begins to sag and fit a little more loosely than before. It also causes fine lines and wrinkles, which can make one look older than they are. Having a good skincare routine is essential, but it not always helpful in fighting signs of aging. Facelift Miami is a surgical procedure that can tighten your skin and make you look and feel younger than you are. When you are planning to undergo a facelift, the following are some of the things that you should keep in mind.

Possible Side Effects

Before you undergo any medical procedure, you must be of all the possible issues and side effects that could arise during or after the surgery. Most of the patients have reported feeling some tightness after the surgery. Most of the time, the surgeon provides medication to help with the discomfort. Numbness, swelling of the skin around incision sites, and bruising are other common side effects. Most of these side effects begin to settle with time. You can expect some scarring, but the surgeon will take utmost care to ensure that the incisions are discrete as possible.

Right Candidate for the Procedure

There are specific criteria that one needs to meet before one can undergo the procedure of facelift. They should have good skin elasticity, a strong bone structure, and skin on their face or neck, loose or saggy. Having Supple and flexible skin help to bring down recovery time because the procedure involves stretching the facial skin to smoothen out wrinkles. Having a strong bone structure works as an excellent base for the skin, which helps achieve great results. However, those candidates who have lesser defined features can improve their facial structures with the help of dermal fillers or facial implants. Those who smoke or suffer from various medical conditions like heart diseases or bleeding disorders cannot undergo facelift procedures.

What happens during the procedure?

In a standard facelift procedure, small incisions are made inside the hairline, following along the contour in front of the ear and under the earlobe to the backside of the ear and then to the lower scalp. Following this, the skin is then stretched and tightened. If there is any excess skin, it is removed. If the neckline also needs attention, an extra incision is made under the chin, and the same procedure is followed for the neck. The surgeon will use fine absorbable stitches to close the incisions—this helps reduce the chances of scarring. The procedure takes about 3 to 4 hours, depending on the procedures that you have opted for. Sometimes the other procedures can also be performed in separate appointments. Various techniques are used in facelifts, and the surgeon will determine which method would work the best for you.

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