Things To Consider When Choosing A Venue In Kiama For That Perfect Day


A wedding venue, among other factors, is one of the most impactful decisions that can make a wedding. There are several Kiama wedding venues that people can choose from according to the tone of their wedding or their preference. But how does one choose the best venue for their biggest day? 

As crucial as that decision will be, Kiama is soon bound to be a picturesque wedding destination. To ensure that the wedding venue will also be on par with the magnificence of the small town, here are a few factors that couples or families can look into when exploring Kiama wedding venues

  1. Location Of The Venue: The town of Kiama in Australia is well-known for its coastal landscapes and resort towns. For those looking for a location right on the beach, Kiama has the best beach views for enjoying the sandy areas and for the guests to relax under the sunset on the horizon. If the resort views are more enticing, Kiama has the best resort chains riddled on the coastline. For a little traditional and natural touch, there are a lot of farmlands inland that will host weddings and other ceremonies for a small price. Narrow down the options for the wedding should so that they reflect the theme and personal preference of both partners. 
  2. Booking In Advance: Many wedding venues in Kiama will get booked out in advance. If there is a specific location in mind, couples should reach out to them at the earliest and ensure their availability. The availability of a venue will ultimately decide the wedding and in most cases, many venues will require an advance for the booking process, which comes to the next factor to consider: the budget. 
  3. Budget Of The Wedding: Although couples dread this aspect of every wedding, some may let this loose considering how this is the only day where they get to hold something extravagant. However, keeping an eye on the budget will ensure that none of the money goes overboard when it comes to spending or paying for different services. It’s better to speak to the planner or the venue manager on the prices, cost of services and whether the activities come in the whole package or if some can be crossed out. Be specific about any extra fees or services and get everything in writing. This ensures that no costs or bills jump out and surprised the couple once the payments come around. 
  4. Number Of Guests: The number of guests is another topic for consideration and it will determine the size of the wedding. A smaller number of guests can make do with a beach wedding. Larger numbers might require extra spaces or areas as in hotels or resorts, bringing up the total costs too. Many venues also have a guest limit or maximum capacity so keep that in mind too. 
  5. Accommodations: Guests will need a place to sleep and rest and the newlyweds will require a space to unwind after a busy day. Check for accommodations that venues provide or look into other accommodations nearby. Weddings hosted in hotels and resorts should not worry about the accommodation factor but those hosted on the farms or valleys in Kiama might need to book hotels or extra rooms for their guests. 

It’s also beneficial to plan for an unexpected or worst-case scenario like the weather. Plus, there’s the need to plan for the catering services for breakfast, lunch or dinner and other menu options for the guests. Once all these factors are addressed, the wedding day will go by seamlessly and stress-free. 

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