Things to consider when choosing a crypto currency exchange


Cryptocurrency is a diverse booming industry. It offers multiple ways to establish a business in the crypto market. Exchanging currency is one of them where digital currencies are either traded or purchased by the users. Big traders are aware of this productive and friendly platform due to its profitable outcome in the digital currency industry. Many experienced traders use exchanging method to earn money. However, among these various options it has always been inevitable to choose the right one.

However, if you are a digital marketer and interested in cryptocurrency it is significant to have proper knowledge about how this exchange enterprise works. Like Stock exchange, experience and research are the determining factors in the market.

Providing wide range of cryptocurrency

Thousands of different prevailing cryptocurrencies are not offered by all exchangers. But one can find famous coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin on almost every exchange depending on your interest. The coins with a minimal market cap, altcoins, and meme coins demand more selling and purchasing. Considering the popularity of coins while exchanging has already been discussed in our huobi review.

Putting stakes on these small and unpopular coins is much more risk-oriented than the other known coins due to high speculation among all developed cryptocurrencies in the market. According to the recommendation of experts, it is better and safe to use big coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin. In consideration of exchanging the crypto coin for buying, you must be prepared to lose the cash value in trade.

Protocols OF Security

Much better for a particular exchange if it is harder to create an account. The exchange would not be trustworthy if it is very simple and easy to build an account. In such cases, it is absolutely hard and difficult to revive the money and track it down if your digital assets are lost abruptly. It is a risky path to follow for secure exchange. We have already discussed in our bybit review how security plays a crucial role while exchanging cryptocurrency.

Keeping maximum digital assets in the storage of cold wallets offline should be a preference. For staked coins, it is often a good option no matter which exchange you choose for cryptocurrency.


Instead of giving a huge markup, it is significant to use liquidity for an exchange for feasibly turing cash in coins. The reason behind finding liquidity is that in the world of digital assets prices rise up or get down much faster. Fill your buy order fastly at the close price appeared on your desktop when a crypto coin that you want to buy is rising up.

Looking and analyzing the trading volume at an exchange is the fastest way to get control over it: the higher the volume, the better it is. There are websites like CoinMarketCap that provide 24/7 information on the crypto volume of various exchanges. It is the best source to consult and check the information. In recent times Kraken and Coinbase have expressed the highest volume of trading. Moreover, you need to prefer an exchange that is well established and has a thorough process such as a track record of a minimum of five years. It should possess various steps to ensure the authentic claim of your assets on its behalf. It is a much more secure method.


There is a thumb rule in digital currency. According to the Uinta Crypto Consulting creator, Spencer Montgomery, you have to pay a higher fee if they are making it feasible to borrow. Thus, you should not turn the exchange after seeing the fee structures are very high. This thing needs to be considered. Spencer introduced this program to make crypto learning easy for beginners. Instead, of the popular exchange provided by big currencies, paying high fees is a much better option for secure and insured exchange.

Exchange dues are probably fixed but sometimes desire a percentage share from the trade. There are some exchanges like Cash App that charge on volatility price as a fee. These dues may differ according to your transactions and whether you are purchaser or seller. The prices can also depend upon the type of trading currencies. Before providing the cash it is important to make sure that when and how exchange plans are going to charge for transaction in cryptocurrency.

Company reputation

In a world led by technology when someone goes out for a dinner, they check the reviews on websites like Yelp to decide the best place to eat. Cryptocurrency exchanging websites can also offer reviews online for analyzing the statistics. A higher financial risk will likely make most crypto exchangers vulnerable.

Remember to do a research “xyz crypto exchange reviews” for analyzing the contemporary and past users views for a specific exchange.

Educational tools

Exchanging crypto currency is also a big opportunity for beginners to learn about various digital currencies, digital assets, blockchain technology and coins. According to the Ross ‘they do that to ensure the perpetual update of knowledge from an educational point of view? He questioned.

For example, Coinbase Earn Program offer new coins as a reward for learning about crypto currency in Coinbase. It offers a tiny portion of crypto for holding or converting in return for videos watching and quizzes. You can also change them to something else. Like Binance Academy and Gemini’s Cryptopedia many other digital marketing platforms offer research paper and courses to get knowledge about evolution, history, and crypto economy.

Customer support

There are prevailing vulnerabilities even in the best-exchanging apps for cryptocurrency. So, it is a common thing. Particularly, newbies are finding many questions about cryptocurrency basics and how the exchange program works.

Having money at stake sometimes needs urgent customer support. Otherwise, there would be dire monetary repercussions because of the fast-moving speed of the crypto market. Waiting for a day to get a reply is harmful to investments.

We have already discussed in the poloniex review how an efficient customer support system can stand out in crypto exchange against the competitors. Therefore it is important to consider the customer support services for exchanges. You need to check out whether they are quickly responsive or not? Do they satisfy their customers? Is there any emphasis made by the exchange on good customer services?


There are options to consider depending on your priorities, like using the mobile app platform or a feasible mode of exchange. But as per our analysis, learning is a decisive factor in cryptocurrency. It is better to learn and educate about the market before investing money.

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