Things to check before going for a personal trainer


Many people opt for a personal trainer without checking everything. You have to understand that not all people who call themselves personal trainers are considered or should be considered personal trainers. There are people who do not have any awareness regarding it, and they often forget that there are people who will look at every single thing before hiring someone to take charge of their health and well-being.

You have to understand that anyone who posts on Instagram, Facebook or any other social website about their fitness regimen and them claiming to make you fit in a week could be lies, do not fall for it, instead, look at a few extra things in order to find a real personal trainer such as Chris Protein Personal Training.

So, without waiting anymore, let us go ahead and dive into the details of the things that you need to look for before hiring a personal trainer. They are the following:

Check the references.

This is very important for a start. Whenever you are talking to a personal trainer, always ask them about their portfolio, meaning that ask them about their previous clients and how they were before they came to them. They might show you a few pictures of a before and after testimonial, but do not fall for it. Instead ask them to give you their personal information so that you can talk to them or ask the personal trainer to call them at his or her office so that you can sit with them and actually talk to them about any questions that you might have.

Do not fall for the online reviews and the website etc. Do not just look at the pictures and call it proof of the personal trainer actually offering professional services.

Do not pay for anything at the start.

Whenever you go out to shop around for a personal trainer such as Chris Protein Personal Training, make sure to not take your credit card or money with you, because the personal trainers that are not professional will make you sign up for their plans and training regimen but in the end after the payment is done, they will simply move you around to different trainers due to different reasons that might not seem very true and real and you will know that you are being scammed in a different way.

Instead, what you should do is that you should stick around with the personal trainer and ask them to give you a one-week demonstration of how they are. Maybe, the personal trainer might not stick with you properly and things might not work out, but at least you won’t have to stick for an entire month to go to another personal trainer just because you paid for your monthly program.

Decide whether you want the personal trainer near you or not.

This is also important. Some people do find the right personal trainer, but there can be heaps of different reasons as to why they do not go for it. The main reason that comes up is the location, the personal trainer might be 2 hours away, or they might be 30 mins away but too busy with other clients, so decide firstly that if you want a personal trainer to be with you at all times or if you are okay driving 30 minutes daily to their place, or if you are fine with online personal training classes a few times a week and personal classes a few times a week also. Think about it and choose your professional personal trainer such as Chris Protein Personal Training to get the look you always wanted.

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