These 10 Printed Cotton Shirts Are RollingThe Eyeballs Of Every Man


The fashion world has always been about making a statement and the present decade is no exception. To be in fashion, you need to wear pieces that look good right now. Unlike the 90s, printed cotton shirts fashion has made a huge comeback. They are an excellent choice for casual get-togethers or family get-togethers during this holiday season.

Men’s printed cotton shirts are the staples of every man’s wardrobe. As fashion trends change and more men fall into the “fashion victim” category, you’ll see more and more men experimenting with their looks and trying out new shirt styles. While fashion has changed over the years, one fashion staple that can be seen from Amitabh Bachchan’s 90s look to Vicky Kaushal’s wardrobe is a cotton shirt.

Also, the cotton fabric of the shirts makes them ideal to be worn all day long; while being comfortable. And the skinny fit they give to your body also makes you look more attractive. According to research, women are 10-13 percent more impressed by men who were seen wearing shirts than tees. So, if you are looking to impress your crush, wearing a shirt on a date can be a great option. 

10 Cotton Printed Cotton Shirts  

Here’s a list of 12 cotton shirts that are highly trending right now and are grabbing the eyeballs of men everywhere:

Handblock Shirts

Handblock shirts show your unconventional and free-spirited look as there is no more rule for mixing and matching shades in this era. Also, these shirts have a touch of Rajasthani prints and designs. All the hand block shirts are hand-curated with symmetrical patterns over a base color. One can easily coordinate these shirts with matching chinos, pants, and casual shoes.

Floral Shirts

The floral patterns are not just restricted to the women of this era as the floral pattern shirts are now getting highly famous among the men who love to experiment with their fashion choices. One can wear these trendy and peppy shirts to parties, beach vacations, or get-togethers. Just make sure to coordinate them with contrasting pants, shorts, chinos, and you are good to go. 

Tie-Dye Shirts

These cotton shirts are trendy among the youths and teenagers, as these shirts depict your free spirit and rebellious moods. Initially, in the ’70s, these shirts were worn over protests, but in this generation, they are used more to show your bold and carefree nature. Just wear them with the fitting denim or chinos, and you are good to flaunt your style to the world. 

You can purchase a Tie-Dye shirt online with a wide range to choose your favorite one at affordable rates. 

Kalamkari Shirts

You can see a lot of highly sophisticated people adorning Kalamkari shirts these days. This dye pattern is one of the earliest and the most difficult ones; vegetable dyes are used to create beautiful floral and animal prints over the shirt. You can wear these shirts to musical nights, theatre shows, or in fact, for any casual occasion. 

Graphic Shirts

These shirts have high-definition symmetric designs all over a solid base color. A high-definition laser technique is used to print over these designs on the shirts. You can choose among the many patterns and collar designs of your favorite printed cotton shirt. These shirts are ideal to be worn on informal office parties, shopping, and coffee dates. 

Abstract Print Shirts

You can show off your versatility and your love of freedom by adorning an abstract print shirt on your next outing. The bold colors and patterns will show your bold nature to the world. Also, these shirts can be worn on different casual occasions; to help you steal all the limelight of the event. 


Pair these funky shirts with your favorite denim and casual shoes. 

Mandala Print Shirts 

Mandala printed shirts are slowly gaining popularity among youngsters. Mandala commonly means circles; Hindu scriptures portray mandala as power, creativity, and a deeper connection with the universe. 

Thus, you can flaunt your spiritual, aesthetic vibes to the world by adorning these shirts on your next dinner, movie night, date night, or any other occasion. Buy a Mandala shirt online and pair it up with any contrasting lower, pants, or denim.

Kolampuri Shirts

Kolampuri shirts have a touch of Indian culture and give the wearer a royal touch. These printed shirts are generally in shades of brown, with a beautiful symmetrical pattern inspired by nature. You can wear these casual shirts to all your informal occasions; to grab all the attention. Also, these cotton shirts are comfortable to be worn all day and can be easily paired with pants or denim to suave your look. 

Viscose Shirts 

Viscose shirts are semi-synthetic and are made out of wood pulp, treated in yarn to make a soft, lustrous, and lightweight shirt. The patterns over these shirts are incredibly eye-catching and radiant. You can wear these shirts by unbuttoning and showing off your abs, or you can wear them over your t-shirt. Just pair them with the fitting contrasting denim, shorts, capris, with casual shoes to complete your look. 

Ethnic Shirt

These shirts have gained popularity among men with time. You can show your boho side to the world with an Ethenic shirt. You can find various patterns, which depict the ethnicity of India. Pair these shirts along with your pants, denim, and sleek-fit jeans, and flaunt your esthetic vibe to the world. 


Element Print Shirts

These quirky shirt

s have a specific geometrical print all over the shirt and are incredibly cool and funky to be worn. You can easily pair these shirts with different pants like denim, chinos, or trousers according to the occasion. 

Rajasthani Shirts 

If you want to add a traditional touch to your everyday wear, Rajasthani printed shirts come to the top of the list. These shirts mainly have a light solid color with animal prints which depicts the essence of Rajasthan. Elephants and camels are the most commonly printed over these shirts. You can show off your relaxed and casual side by wearing them to your next informal occasion. 

Also, they are easy to pair along contrasting chinos and trousers.  

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