The Warning Signs And Symptoms of Substance Abuse


The creation of drugs brought about great relief to the medical field and the world at large. This points to the fact that everyone who has once benefitted from drugs may also find it difficult to stop the intake of those drugs.

If you find it difficult to stop substance abuse, the drug addicts recovery clinic Weber City can help you with that. This article uncovers warning signs of substance abuse.

Warning Signs And Symptoms of Substance Abuse

Before every impact manifests, be it negative or positive, symptoms do spring out. You may have ignored these symptoms, but this post draws your attention to them.

1. Poor Relationship With Others

One obvious behavior of drug abusers is being aggressive, nonchalant, lazy, and always isolating themselves. These symptoms don’t show up at once, they manifest gradually and one way to determine the behavior change is by monitoring the abuser’s previous and current habits.

When symptoms grow worse, abusers may develop a hostile relationships with their family and friends. This also transcends into receiving complaints at work, school, and other social gatherings.

2. Behavioral Changes

If you are under the influence of a substance overdose, you will notice some uncontrollable habits like mood swings, irritation, sudden sadness, euphoria, and loss of interest in your hobbies or job.

These behavioral changes happen simultaneously; where a person goes sad in the morning and by noon, becomes energetic and happy. This symptom points to the fact that they have no control over their emotions.

3. Modified Physical Appearance

You will notice a gradual but steady change in the physical appearance of the person, this could be their facial expression, dress, hygiene, or weight. Substance abusers can also have bruises on their faces and body, bloodshot eyes, trembling hands, and wet palms.

The constant intake of substances and the corresponding addiction that may surface will always encourage the habit of carrying cigarettes, alcohol, and other substances along with them.

4. Lack of Self-control

Another symptom is the inability to control the intake of the substance, the craving just keeps coming, and most times without proper attention, it becomes an addiction.

This symptom has a lot to do with your mental health because you always fi d yourself or anyone involved seeking to use drugs despite knowing its adverse effect. In the long run, persons that lose control over substance intake become addicts.

5. Paraphernalia

This word covers the possession of specific tools, devices, and materials that aid substance abuse. Substance abusers will always have certain items that point to the misuse of drugs.

Some of these items may include used medicine bottles, lighter, syringes, cigarette wraps, razor blades, pipes, and bongs, among others. Though not all drugs require any material for usage, hence other notable signs are repulsive smells from their clothes.

6. Visiting Different Doctors

One way some people get away and neck deep into substance abuse is by shopping from different doctors, when they exhaust the previous prescription, they visit another doctor for a new drug.

This attitude breeds addiction, when their needs are not met, they resort to depression, mental imbalance, or sleepiness.

Generally, when warning signs are spotted without any remedy, it worsens the situation. Address any symptoms of substance abuse with any available medium.

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