The Uplift of Casinos In Austria


People in Austria who owe money to casinos like Woo Casino Austria in other countries or on the internet have no idea they can go after their money if they want to get their gambling debts paid off. All of these firms are prohibited from operating in Austria. Most of the most successful gaming sites in the world are based in just eight countries, and all but six of them are based on gambling. All that is left to join the European Union are the Maltese and Gibraltarian islands, Curacao, and the British Channel Islands. When it comes to overseas internet gambling, most players don’t give a fig about legality until they hear about potential compensation claims. In this article, we provide some background information before discussing several methods by which those who have suffered financial losses may be able to recover their funds.

The inside story here

A quasi-monopoly is what the Austrian Gambling Act (GSpG 1989) defines it because only government-owned companies can get online gaming licenses. With slot machines, “small-scale gambling” refers to establishments where people can gamble in a safe environment. It has a maximum stake of one to ten euros for every game, a two-hour maximum game length, and a limited number of open hours per day, which are all restrictions. According to federal regulations, a hardware machine’s maximum wager is 10 euros for each play, and its maximum win is 10,000 euros. For a game to be legal, it must last at least one second. However, there is no limit to the number of times a player can lose in that time. Playing many video games in a short period has alarmed addiction experts for years. Only a few states are a daily and per-person limit of roughly €500 on gambling at small-town casinos and slot machine parlors. These requirements do not apply to the 15 regular casino licensees. Still, they are all held by the state-run Casinos Austria AG, regulated by the Ministry of Finance through the state holding agency BAG.

On this platform, you can play sports betting, lotto, bingo, and card games. Virtual slot machines and real-time dealers are also available (croupier can be seen via video). Also criticized for not doing enough to protect the players, such as imposing time and money limits on the game, it has been widely praised. The rules of Austria’s federal provinces detail who can offer online sports betting in Austria and allow international bookies to do so. (Overview) Taxes on gambling winnings in Austria are only levied on individuals if gaming is their primary source of income.


Because it is illegal to bet online at international casinos, you could be charged with a crime. Regarding internet service providers, the Austrian executive cares more than the players. Until yet, no one has been arrested, and it doesn’t appear that will change very soon. On July 1, 2021, Germany’s new state gambling treaty was enacted for the first time. Since that time, German-licensed sportsbooks and internet casinos have been able to service German players in their home country legally.

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