The Ultimate New Hire Paperwork Checklist


Are you ready to hire a new employee for your business? A new staff member is exciting and means your company is expanding, but it also means lots of complicated paperwork.

There’s plenty of new hire paperwork that needs to be done, ensuring your new staff member meets all legal and financial obligations of the new role. If you’re confused about what’s required, you’re not alone—sorting out everything that’s needed for a new employee can give anyone a headache.

To learn more, keep reading to find the key documents needed when you’re onboarding a new employee.

New employee paperwork will also need to include payroll forms and check stubs so that your company knows how to pay wages.

Letter of Acceptance

The first item on a new hire paperwork checklist should be a letter of acceptance. This is a formal contract between the employee and the company.

The letter of acceptance should clarify the employee’s job title, salary, hours of work, and the length of the contract, if not permanent.

Payroll Forms

New employee paperwork will also need to include payroll forms so that your company knows how to pay wages.

Most companies pay by direct deposit, so you’ll need to know the employee’s bank account details to set up regular payments.

When you pay your staff each week, you’ll also need their email to issue them pay stubs—read about it here.

Tax Paperwork

Next, you need to ask your new employee to complete all of the tax paperwork as required by the IRS. This includes the W2 and the I-9, if you need to verify that they’re legally able to work in the US.

Tax forms are essential because you’ll need the detail on each form to work out how much tax to withhold from payroll. This ensures your staff member is paying the correct amount of tax, saving them from owing large tax payments each year.

Emergency Contact Details

From a health and safety perspective, it’s necessary to request emergency contact details from each new hire. You’ll want to know the name, address, and phone number of a close relative or partner, so that you can contact them in case your staff member is injured at work and needs help.

Or, if your staff member doesn’t show up to work, it’s helpful to have someone you can call to make sure they’re alright.

Insurance Information

If your company is offering health insurance, then you’ll need to ask them to complete some insurance paperwork.

This may include information on any pre-existing health conditions, along with details of any dependents who will also be included on your policy, such as your children.

Create a New Hire Paperwork Checklist with These Tips

Before onboarding any new staff members, it’s helpful to create a new hire paperwork checklist. That way, you’ll know exactly how to help each new staff member get up to speed and prepared for their new role.

Use the suggestions above to create an onboarding plan for your new staff members. That way, they can quickly complete all their paperwork and then get to work with their exciting new company!

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