The Ultimate Gift-Giving Guide You Will Need In 2022


Have you ever had to buy a gift for someone but you found it challenging to choose the right one? Do you think that buying the perfect gift is an impossible thing to do? Or, perhaps, you are one of those people who think of themselves as poor gift makers just because they overcomplicate the entire process and make a difficult task out of it when it shouldn’t be. 

The truth is the perfect gift doesn’t exist, just the most suitable one that matches the receiver’s needs or wants. The secret lies in getting something either useful or that you know they desire. But indeed, this is easier said than done. For this reason, the following gift-giving guide is something you will definitely need in 2022, especially if you usually struggle with this. 

So, don’t worry. Whether you want to buy a gift for your parent’s anniversary, a friend’s child, your best friend’s birthday, or your co-worker’s goodbye party, we have got you covered. 

There is not a single recipe you can follow. However, there are some tips and tricks you can use if you find yourself stuck when trying to buy a present for a loved one. So, any of these helpful guidelines may be able to support your search for the best gift possible. They are as follows:

The right gift doesn’t have to be the most expensive 

Contrary to what many people may think, the most expensive gift is not necessarily the best one or the one which will make the person receiving it truly happy. Indeed, marketing campaigns, especially during holidays, can easily make you believe that this is the only way to give a meaningful present to someone. And this can be the case if you want to offer something valuable and long-lasting, given your budget allows you to. However, it isn’t a truth generally available. 

Therefore, you should not immediately go for the most expensive choice, as that doesn’t equal better. In fact, it is pretty common for the recipient to feel rather uncomfortable when receiving a pricey gift. This happens due to a feeling of burden characterized by the need to reciprocate the same type of gift. 

Plus, if the recipient is not too happy about the gift, they will feel pressured to like it or use it. This being said, if you do choose to give someone an expensive gift, the recommendation is to ensure that the recipient truly wishes to have that object, whether a gadget or an accessory. 

Try finding out if the recipient has items on a wish list 

If you are close to the person for whom you are buying the gift, the best way to choose is by going through their wish list. This isn’t necessarily a physical gift, per se, but rather a mental note you can make throughout the year until the time of the celebration or birthday. 

Being aware of what the person wishes to get for themselves but never actually purchasing it is a helpful thing to know when you have to buy them a gift, regardless of the occasion. Imagine how happy they will be when they open the present and see an item that has been on their wish list for a while. 

This being said, it is a challenge to find out what a person may like to receive if you two are not very close. Unless you ask them directly, which may not always be a good idea, it can be difficult to know what an acquaintance or a co-worker would like. However, it is not impossible. Chances are there is someone you can ask for advice or give you at least a hint on what may be on their wish list. With that information, you can narrow down your search for an excellent gift.

Go for the most functional objects 

When in doubt, always go for the most functional object, as they rarely make an unfortunate gift. This means getting the recipient something they can make use of for a long time. For example, a wristwatch remains a timeless gift, given that individuals will always need it. However, in such digital times nowadays, it isn’t uncommon for people to use their smartphones to tell the time. 

So, how can a watch continue to be practical and even functional? Luckily, the emergence of the smartwatch combines the two perfectly. The technology has taken this one step further – individuals can use such gadgets to count their steps, track their health, making it effective if you are exercising, and even to see and reply to emails and messages.

So, if you know that the recipient doesn’t have one, chances are they will use it as soon as they receive it, regardless of what their lifestyle is and whether they are outgoing or not. So, a smartwatch wrapped up in beautiful paper with a curling ribbon tied up in a bow will surely make a great gift. Another excellent example of a functional gift could be a notebook planner and a high-quality pen for individuals who need to organize their busy schedules. 

An experience makes the best gift 

You can never go wrong with an experience – if you are absolutely sure the recipient finds it exciting. The thing with gifts that are an experience is that they can make the best ones ever, only if the person receiving them will actually use them. For example, an excellent experience gift would be a concert ticket for a band, artist, or festival. However, if you are unsure that the gift receiver likes the artists, you should not risk it. 

But taking a look at the gift receiver’s life or asking someone close to them about their likes and dislikes will be an excellent place to start if you want to offer them an experience as a gift. It may be that the person is working hard and rarely taking the time to recharge their batteries and relax. In this case, you could offer them a voucher at a spa for a full day or a beginner’s class for Yoga. The key is to conduct a bit of research if you don’t know the person well. This guarantees that the experience you offer to them will be greatly appreciated. 

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