The Tastes of Popular Caviars


Caviar is a delicacy that comes from the ocean, loved by many due to its distinct and incredible taste and texture. Caviar refers to fish eggs that have been enjoyed for hundreds of years by people from all over the world. It is a luxurious food item that is generally on the expensive side of the buying spectrum, however, its price doesn’t deter those who crave its unique taste. 

It is interesting to note that many different kinds of caviar are available in the market, which differs from each other in their taste as well as texture. Here is a quick rundown of the most popular caviar around. Let’s go check it out! 

What is Caviar? 

Whether you like seafood or don’t, you would probably have heard mention of the word ‘caviar’ even in the passing. Caviar is a luxurious food item that is procured from the sea and is known and loved by people all across the world due to its fine taste and texture. 

The Taste of Caviar

A lot of people wonder what caviar tastes like. Though there are a few general characteristics, the taste of caviar depends upon its type.

Generally when you put the caviar in your mouth one of the first things that come to your attention is the salty and almost fish-like taste that settles comfortably on your palate.

After lingering for a few seconds, the initial taste fades into a rather smooth and nutty flavor. 

Moreover, it is interesting to note that where some kinds of caviar are more resistant in their texture, others have a kind of rupturing sensation as you roll it over with your tongue. Here are some of the most popular caviars with a quick description of how they taste. 

  • Beluga Caviar: also known as ‘black caviar’, the beluga sturgeon caviar is known for its incredibly rich taste as well as the fact that it does not have the fishy taste which characterizes most caviar. Additionally, it has a pearly grey to black tinge which makes it stand apart from other kinds. 
  • Osetra Caviar: coming in brown or golden depending on how old it is, this kind of caviar has a salty taste that reminds one of the ocean. 
  • Kaluga Caviar: this kind of caviar originates from freshwater sources and is known for its delightfully smooth texture. Its buttery taste is interestingly tinged with a saltiness that makes it irresistible for many caviar lovers. 
  • Sevruga Caviar: one of the most popular caviar types is the sevruga which stems from three kinds of sturgeon namely the starlet, sevruga, and the Siberian sturgeon. The eggs taste buttery and have a delicately small size that is tinged with a grey hue.   

Health Benefits of Caviar

It may not come as a surprise that caviar is good for your health. It is rich in essential vitamins such as Vitamins D, A, as well as B12, B1, and B5. Moreover, it has high protein content and is rich in Omega-3 oils. Moreover, the fatty acids present in caviar are great for cardiovascular processes, managing stress in the body as well as keeping the hair shiny and healthy. 


As you have seen, caviar has been known and loved for hundreds of years by different people across the globe. There is a wide variety of caviar that has been made available by suppliers from various regions across the world.

Despite its generally high price range, people are attracted to buying and enjoying caviar due to its unique taste, texture as well as various health benefits that it provides. Hope this helped you understand exactly what caviar is and whether it is something that you would want to try for yourself.

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