The Strengths and Weaknesses of the Chihuahua


The Chihuahua is a little dog that can be very loyal, entertaining, expressive, and comical all at the same time. They have this unique personality that you can never expect from other breeds.

But, more than this generalization, these tiny dogs can be very variable as well. They can be placid or lively, nervous or confident, eager to please or stubborn, mellow or feisty, and timid or bold.

How Do Chihuahuas Develop Their Personality?

How a particular Chihuahua will turn out is largely dependent on the parents and the grandparents’ genetic temperament. This only means that entire Chihuahua lines can be antisocial or social.

If your Chi has inherited bad temperament genes, you might regret it unless you are ready and willing to be around an unstable canine. Most of the time, training and socialization are not enough to overcome a Chihuahua’s bad genes.

However, it doesn’t mean that training and socialization are no longer important. So long as your pooch has also inherited normal temperament genes, he will still turn out depending on how you will raise him.

The general public doesn’t really look at the Chihuahua with a keen eye. Many people see them as nasty and mean dogs that bite.

Unfortunately, this reputation is based in truth. A lot of people were uncaring enough to breed two Chis with bad temperaments that end up with puppies inheriting the genes for bad temperament.

There are also people with perfectly good Chihuahuas and treat them like a doll or stuffed toy or even a human baby substitute. They carry the Chihuahuas everywhere in their arms that make the dogs think that it is not safe for them to walk through the world. Other owners also fail to teach commands, make excuses for any bad behavior, coo over and soothe the dog all the time, and just laugh off any signs of aggression.

This is why it is not really a surprise that most Chihuahuas are anxious when their owners make them this way. One of the most dreadful things you can do is to spoil a dog as it grows.

The Strengths of Chihuahuas

  • It is easy to pick up and pick after a Chihuahua.
  • These dogs are entertaining and funny in their own quirky ways.
  • Chis come in various colors and coats.
  • Chihuahuas travel well.
  • These pooches are extremely loyal.
  • They love sunny and warm weather.
  • They don’t require a lot of exercise.
  • Chihuahuas often have a long lifespan.

The Weaknesses of Chihuahuas 

  • These dogs are physically fragile and require lots of monitoring and supervision. They can experience an emergency and leave us with difficult financial decisions. Bivvy pet insurance can help cover your dog’s care in such situations. Why Bivvy? Bivvy is a first-of-its-kind insurance that’s affordable and has your furry friend covered from routine vet visits to the unfortunate emergency trip.
  • They have the tendency to bark.
  • You need to balance protecting their safety while teaching them to behave well and stand on their own.
  • They are infamous for being difficult to housebreak.
  • A Chihuahua can have a nasty behavior, can yap mindlessly, or be suspicious if inherited from bad parents or not made to behave, babied, or spoiled too much.

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