The Sri Lankan Inter-Provincial Cricket championship


Sri Lanka is another country where cricket is an extremely popular sport. Wagers can be placed on matches played here by going to the website. As is the case with many other nations where this discipline is played in an active manner, lots of cricket clubs also appeared in the country.

Club cricket on its own is very entertaining and competitive. However, those in charge of the sport in the country saw the need to introduce another competition besides the ones that had clubs. It was thought that doing so would make the country even more competitive in this discipline. In order to wager in club cricket, it is always a good idea to visit the 1xBet website and enjoy its wagering chances.

A new competition is born

Following the examples of other countries where cricket is highly popular, the idea for a new competition was born. Here, rather than having clubs or franchises, cricket teams that represent entire Sri Lankan provinces would face each other. This is how the Inter-Provincial Cricket championship was born. Punters can make top betting cricket with 1xBet website, and it can be done on all kinds of matches played across Sri Lanka.

The first edition was played in 1990. First-class cricket was the variation of the sport played in the entire existence of the competition. Four teams took part in this initial championship, which were:

  • Western Province;
  • Central Province;
  • Southern Province;
  • and North Western Province.

However, as it will be discussed later, the competition saw lots of changes in its structure and teams. At any moment punters can make top cricket betting with the 1xBet website, which features lots of Sri Lankan teams.

Lots of changes

Seven editions of the Inter-Provincial Cricket championship were celebrated in total. The last one took place in 2005. During its entire existence, lots of changes were made to the participating squads. In fact, the Central and Southern Province teams were the only ones that took part in all the editions of the competition. Fans can follow live score cricket today – features competitions from many countries, including, of course, Sri Lanka.

The other teams saw a lot of chances during their existence. For example, the Western Province team was later divided into the City team and the Suburbs team. Later, it was further divided into City, North and South. This division was made because the team was far better than the others. Also, the Uva Province of the country also had a cricket team of their own in the last editions of the tournament. The 1xBet website has great live score cricket today, which allows fans to follow what is happening on their favorite matches.

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