The Slots Multiplier and its function 


Gambling has always been a particularly fun and popular human pastime, however, in the last few centuries, it has become so much more than just a pastime, evolving into a bona fide global industry responsible for millions in revenue. It is also responsible for an epic amount of good times too, with billions and billions of gamblers enjoying what the casino world has to offer over the last few centuries, especially in the last two!

There are plenty of casino games that gamblers have enjoyed playing over the years too, but there is nothing on the level of the modern online slot sites boom. People all around the world simply cannot get enough of these epic gambling games, and the main reason for that is the insane level of production by developers like NetEnt and Big Time Gaming. Want to know more about the slots multiplier and its function? We suggest you keep reading! 

What is a slot multiplier? 

Right then, before we get into anything deeper about slot multipliers let’s take a look at the basics, because despite how popular they are these days, some beginners may still be somewhat confused as to exactly what they are. Basically, a slots multiplier is one of the main ways in which developers design the winnings system in slots, as they are what gamblers use in order to find out the precise value of their jackpot win.  

Different icons will have different multipliers too, with the ones higher up the pay table having bigger multipliers than the low value icons. Let’s say you place a bet of £5 across two pay lines: one of your bets wins with a symbol combo that has a 10x multiplier, whilst the other has a 20x multiplier. This would ultimately result in a £150 win. This is how slot multipliers work in the base mode of slots, however they can be even more advantageous during the bonus rounds! 

A few functions of slot multipliers 

That is a basic round up of what slot multipliers are, but are you wondering what their function is? Slot multipliers are incredibly important these days, something demonstrated by the fact that almost every single online slot on the market in 2021 has some kind of slot multiplier. Want to know what a few of functions of slot multipliers are? Take a look at a few of these: 

  •         Fun: Aside from everything else, one of the most important things for slot developers when designing their games is quite literally to make sure they are as fun as possible. This is a huge reason behind the function of slot multipliers – they just serve to make the whole experience a lot more fun!
  •         Money: And why do slot multipliers make slots more fun? It’s for the money of course! Slot multipliers allow gamblers to win way more than they would from set jackpots, especially if they happen to be high rollers.

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