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The Secret of Happiness between Philosophy, scientific discipline and straightforward Exercises

Human goals in life have continuously varied throughout the ages and vary in line with culture, age, sex, level of education, social, economic, etc., however there remains a standard goal for all while not exception, particularly happiness. We will gift you with straightforward ideas and sensible steps, in line with the newest findings of doctors and scientists round the world, with scientific, medical and logical realism, while not the over-optimism that afterwards puts you down with frustration.

What’s happiness chemically?

Happiness is like several different feeling controlled by a bunch of hormones that somehow have an effect on brain neurons; This generates happiness, and here we’ve got the four most significant hormones that management happiness:

Dopamine: it is a reward hormone; once tasks area unit completed and completed, they become a lot of secretive; we will so increase it through labor, mastery of the work entrusted to America and also the observe of assorted activities.

Serotonin: it is the secretion that is answerable for regulation the mood, and that we will increase it by doing yoga, meditating, going enter nature and coming back along, and exposing the body to daylight.

Oxytocin: it’s referred to as the secretion of affection, and that we will more unfold it through effective social participation, serving to folks, doing smart and interesting in voluntary work and human services.

Endorphins: it is the pain secretion, that relieves pain and pain of every kind Misconceptions concerning happiness: Arthur Schopenhauer says, “The safest means that of not feeling therefore unhappy isn’t to expect it to be therefore happy.”

we have a tendency to continuously expect and aim for our happiness to be complete and nice, however in reality, happiness is relative in most cases. Schopenhauer adds, “The pressing pursuit of happiness is just like the hunter’s run behind fanciful prey, and it lands up falling into a hole, and also the logical equivalent of it’s falling into misery and misery.” We area unit continuously wasting our happiness and our time chatting behind happiness and forgetting to get pleasure from the items in our hands, falling into the abysm of misery and agony.

Even if all our money, material and non secular desires area unit met, continuing associated lasting happiness can stay an nearly not possible goal. Here we might wish to mention the instance of Abd al-Rahman III, the Muslim successor in Córdoba, World Health Organization was one in every of the foremost powerful, influential and money men of his time. He created military, political and economic achievements. And happiness, because the Brazilian author Vencius DE Morabuela is aware of America, is “like a feather that flies within the air, flies within the lightweight, however not for long.” Continued happiness is not possible to be realistic in line with logic and biology, and human survival is often cheerful and happy, creating happiness manky. the worth of things is rare.

Are we have a tendency to evolutionarily programmed on happiness or grief? In fact, from the purpose of read of science, humans aren’t created to be happy, or perhaps self-satisfied, however area unit creatures to survive and reproduce like all different living.

Satisfaction isn’t intended naturally in our midst; and that is as a result of it’s planning to create America calm and dormant in distinction to the breeding and survival instinct that exists in our underworld.

Scientists have found that humans have associate anterior lobe within the brain that offers them huge government and analytical queens, over they will be happy, for example: information, positioning and tasks area unit related to some neural and intellectual processes at intervals the brain that area unit helpful for any organism to make sure its survival, however joy and happiness don’t have any brain basis and no tissue of their own within the brain.

Some scientists say: Depression is important to the sturdiness of the humanity, therefore it’s not been lost within the method of evolution. Despite the apparent issues caused by depression, it plays a vital associated central role in sustaining an organism in times of distress by inflicting humans to flee dangerous, heavy and threatening things during which they can not win and profit. Depression may be the way to resolve a number of the issues we have a tendency to expertise throughout troublesome and heavy things. Practical applications that cause you to happy:

1. Psychological resilience: It means that having the ability to adopt new attitudes and ideas, viewing issues from completely different associategles; This leads to several challenges and pressures being known as an “opportunity” to develop and develop self-capacity within the face of risks and difficulties, and so to get higher adaptation.

2. the great words self-addressed to America area unit continuously written and remembered:

It’s true that each negative sentence we’re told can disrupt our mood, however it’s a necessity for America to undertake to empty our glasses and not keep those negative things we have a tendency to hear or the painful experiences we’ve had. It’s smart to undertake to recollect the great words that friends have told America a day, and it’s nice to jot down them down and from anyone else, to travel back to them and strengthen our religion in ourselves once more.

3. Self-reconciliation:

If we have a tendency to come back to terms with ourselves, it’ll facilitate America much to follow our lives and progress, to come back to terms with yourself, to be nice to her and not be exhausting on her by licking her, comparison her to others and detracting from her worth.

4. do not sue yourself for what happened within the past, despite however unhealthy and sad:

To steal from you your lovely days and your remaining times, yesterday is gone and tomorrow we all know nothing concerning him, and this moment is that the gift and charm that is all we’ve got.

5. Positive self-talk:

Studies have found that a positive conversation with oneself can raise mood dramatically, strengthen confidence and increase an individual’s productivity. In fact, it could be a positive conversation with oneself, one of the main ingredients of a happy and successful life.

We need to clarify something important: we don’t suddenly suggest that you do positive thinking and personal recommendations. These things have been tried and given varying degrees of success.

We will not ask you to tell yourselves that you are black as a way to release your inner energies, first you are not black and second you are not black.

This may work for some people, but what we’re going to suggest to you is to train yourselves to hunt inside talk efficiently and to hold the negative aspects of it accountable and expose them to the logical question, instead of letting them take us along their whims in every direction, as a feather in the wind.

6. Learn to enjoy your problems:

Problems are not terrifying, they are not curses, they are tough matches and real exercises for the sport of reason, and successful athletes always yearn for the continuation of the game, and one of the best ways to win over the problem is to deal with it in the spirit of play and the intelligent mind of the player. And you always remember that every problem in your life carries a lesson and a gift in it, and if you look at your problems as curses, it’s going to be hard for you to find motivation and meaning in your life, it’s an important reason for happiness.

7. Train to rely on yourself:

You can be happier and joyer if you prefer independence and self – responsibility without relying on someone else. You’re enough alone, and there’s no need for others to help you. You can address your problems almost all by yourself. That will give you the self-confidence that is the cornerstone of building happiness.

8. Find a goal for your life:

You should be looking for things that make you happy. Think, what makes you happy? For example: You can’t live your real life if you don’t help people, and if you lose your mental challenges, your life will wither. I start first by discovering and collecting things that make you happy, and then I do them.

9. Be a historian of your happy moments:

Create a folder on your smartphone, collect photos you took with friends and family that remind you of your happy moments, and you can also write some funny jokes and situations within the picture description.

10. Get rid of the spectator role:

Don’t live your days like you’re watching TV, so you watch people do what they want, and they live in the beautiful way of their lives; And that’s because they enjoy what they do, you have to play a part in life, and be influential and effective, be happy.

11. He left negative weather without hesitation:

One of the most important rules of happiness is to move away from any environment that gives you negative energy, doesn’t know your value, and hold on to people who wish you well and rejoice and stand by you when you’re weak, and give them smiles and help when you can. They will be one of the most important sources of your happiness.

12. Sports practice:

Exercise is a real guarantee of the future of your health, of the prevention and treatment of many organic and psychological diseases.

What’s happiness with gratitude?

Happiness with gratitude is a way of life and not a recipe. We cannot be grateful as we race, compete, envy, watch and imitate people.

I can’t be the neck of life. Gratitude is the great joy of nothing like everything. This subject is not accessible by reading a few lines, but it can be met as a guest in one way of life.

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