The Pros And Cons Of Wired Vs Wireless Home Security System


Home security is very important, be it wired or wireless. Security systems in general have improved even beyond what you can think about because there are new ideas, innovations, technologies that have been incorporated into it. The advent of wireless systems brought about ease to security networks but there are still people who would pick a wired security system over a wireless one.

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Pros Of A Wired Security System

It can cover a large area

A wired network system is able to cover a larger part of the home. If you want an extension beyond the normal place it was then it would be very much possible because the connections were done with wires.

It cannot be hacked

One of the major advantages a wired system has over a wireless system is that it cannot be hacked into. Unlike a wireless system, if important details are neglected or not secured properly, they can be hacked into which can cause potential danger in the home.

Wired systems work when your internet is out

At some point, you might run out of internet supply. If you are using a wireless system, once the internet goes out then there is a probability that whatever security strategy that you might be using will fail at that point. But with a wired system, even if your internet goes out , it would still function because it does not depend on the internet for its functionality.

Cons Of A Wired System

They are expensive

Incorporating a wired home security system can be expensive which means that not everybody may be able to afford it. As much as it may be a very good option for your home, if it would affect your financial goals then it is not advisable that you go for it.

Joining of wires in the home could be dangerous

This could be a bad idea most especially when you have vulnerable people in the home. Also, unfortunate situations can occur where you would have to do a disconnection and probably reconnect.

Pros Of A Wireless Home Security System

You can control with the aid of a remote

This is one of the things that people love about wireless systems. The fact that they don’t have to go through any form of stress to control and monitor is a  big one for them.

They are less expensive

Wireless systems are not so expensive compared to a wired system. The input of work that needs to be done might not be so much compared to a wired system.

Cons Of Wireless Home Security System

It can be hacked into

For things like this, once data is misplaced there might be loopholes which would be directly accessed by hackers. They are not completely safe.

They work with battery health

Most wireless systems work with battery health. This means that power can go out at any time causing a disrupted flow of activities.

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