The Process of Choosing T shirt Printing


When you are considering whether to invest in some t-shirt printing there are a few things to think about before you rush off and put in an order with just anyone. What do you want printed shirts for? Are you designing an egaming jersey, and fishing jersey, a team sports uniform for example? Or is this personal, for a fun run, or gifts for the family with a photo from your recent vacation? With different purposes and reasons behind them, there are different adjustments to your plans that might need to happen. Design tools at Rarecustom can help you come up with unique ideas by leveraging an enormous library of fonts, templates, and artworks

Plan the shirt first

Knowing the purpose of the shirt helps you choose the best kind of materials, and whether you are going long sleeve or short sleeve. If you are designing shirts for a fishing team you need a material that offers protection from the sun and the bugs, maybe something that is stain resistant. An egaming jersey needs to offer comfort and opportunities for customization. Is it to be worn inside and during warm months, or outside in the cold, that helps better choose between a t-shirt or a hoodie. Is this a top all of you are planning on wearing for a boys or girls night out, is it to support a team, are you wanting to promote a business, or planning a themed party?

Think about images, sizes and text

It is not always as simple as having a photo you want to send in or grabbing an image from online. The graphics look good on the screen but when made larger onto the surface of the clothing they often do not size up well. Images look blurry and it just does not look good. Whether you are using a photo or an image you need to make sure to get the size right. Thinking an image can be stretched to fit across a t-shirt with no issues is incorrect. You need images with larger file sizes. A minimum of 300 dpi or with an actual photo at least 30 by 30 cm. Make sure when using images for t shirt printing that you have permission from the image owners.

Getting the coloring right

Another important factor to consider is the coloring. With tshirt printing, the coloring is an important aspect of how much impact the final look has. A good guide is to try and use contrasting colors so that your brand, logo, lettering and such stand out. Use dark coloring on light tops and light coloring on dark ones. Do not try to use dark letters on a dark top. Everything looks better and is easier to read and remember when you go for contrasting colors.


With a little planning and thought in your printing needs you can get a great-looking shirt or hoodie that is great for team building, marketing, branding, promotion, as well as a better-looking gift for people. Remember that choosing a good quality material and brand for your top is a good idea if you want it to be something people wear more!

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