The power of perfume, the first olfactory impression


One of the most powerful identifiers of your personality is your scent; the mind can be seduced by the power of a perfume.

The first impression can also be olfactory. The eye delights when it sees harmony, but the mind is seduced with the power of a scent. Use of good scent makes your personality more attractive, but it should not be fake. Origins ginger essence sensuous skin scent provides you genuine scents and perfume without any doubt you can visit here for buying your favorite scent and perfumes.

Who does not remember the moment of meeting a woman or man well dressed with an exquisite perfume? The power of smell is so powerful that it creates extremely strong associations in our minds capable of withstanding the passage of time. Everything has a scent. A person, a product, a company, a business.

Do you remember the scent of a new car? The smell of a glass of red wine? A chocolate bar? Your partner’s perfume? I assure you that you have just recreated the sensations of these aromas and the moment in your life in which you experienced them.

The importance of perfume

The power of smell is proven. The human being is able to remember 35% of what he smells, 5% of what he sees, 2% of what he hears and 1% of what he feels.

Now we understand why a man who smells good is more attractive than one who does not wear perfume. The same happens with women, their physical beauty increases if they add a tom ford orchid perfume for womens to their beauty regime.

How to choose a perfume?

Choosing a perfume is not just anything. It takes dedication. Never choose a perfume just to perceive its aroma in the bottle or on the paper that they offer you in the boutiques

The fixation that each aroma experiences depends on the pH of your skin (level of acidity or alkalinity), therefore the way in which you will ensure that the perfume you choose is correct is when you ask for a little applied on your wrist or forearm and you perceive the final aroma after 5 minutes. If after that time the aroma is very similar to what you smell in the bottle then it is a good option for you. On the other hand, if the aroma is almost not perceived or changed, do not buy it. You better find another one.

If you are going to perceive several aromas, it is very important that you smell a little coffee beans first (you do not have to take them, the seller will provide it), in this way you will make your nose erase the previous aroma and focus on the new.

How many perfumes are recommended to have?

If we talk about essentials, you must have at least one. However, I recommend having three perfumes:

  1. a) One for use from Monday to Thursday
  2. b) Another for Friday and weekends
  3. c) Other for special occasions (social events, anniversaries, etc.)

Where to apply it?

On the skin: mainly in the neck area and the nape. In the case of them, in addition to these areas, they can apply it subtly on the wrists and behind the ears.

In both women and men it is not advisable to apply it on clothing, as you could damage it and also the aroma will not last for long.

How much to apply?

 It all depends on the level of fixation:

  1. a) If it is EAU DE TOILETTE or Eau de Cologne you can make 3 applications with the atomizer.
  2. b) If it is PARFUM, it contains more fixative and you should place it with more discretion.

Avoid putting on too much perfume at all costs, as it is not synonymous with smelling good, on the contrary it is unpleasant that 5 meters away others know that you have arrived because you emptied the entire bottle.

Make your fragrance a long-lasting scent.

Don’t give away perfumes

Giving a perfume is as risky as giving clothes, tastes break genres. An aroma that for you is very pleasant for the person who receives it, it may be the opposite.

The only time you can give a perfume is when you know exactly which perfume to choose (and you have found out that that person needs one just the same).

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