The Outstanding Mechanical Timepieces of All Time


We all sought to have the most excellent watches of all time, especially for our special occasions and everyday use. The timepieces we wear usually symbolize who we are and what statuses we have in life. We all wanted to have the most delicate watches to represent us. But have you heard of the brand Nomos Glashutte? 

You might be wondering what Nomos Glashutte is, why it is known and recommended by others. There are many reasons you choose the Nomos Glashutte watches but in this article we will tell you all about this watch company and its most excellent watches of all time, so you will have choices when you are about to purchase one or more models from them.

A brief history of the Nomos Glashutte

Nomos Glashutte is known to independent German time makers. It is known to be located in Glashütte, Saxony, Germany. It is a small town that is squeezed in a valley about two hours away from berlin. Nomos is known to deliver most watches. Today, Nomos is known to be a Deutscher Werkbund association member.

The Nomos was founded by the founder Roland Schwertner. He started his company in 1990. He never had a watch-making experience; he was known to be a computer geek and a photographer. They first launched their first collection in 1991. This timepiece was all designed by Sussane Gunther, and all feature the same aesthetic.

The first collection was successful, most notably the model Tangente. It was also known to be inspired by the first Bauhaus timepieces in the late 1930s. Nomos also has 300 employees. 

Nomos Tangomat Reference 601/641

The Nomos Tangente is known to have a classic-looking design with a three-hand watch. It is one of the most sought Nomos Glashutte models for more than 25 years. But this watch is the older model, the Nomos Tangomat. It features the Bauhaus-inspired dials, which have a mix of Arabic numerals and its baton markers with a thermal blue handset.

This model’s handset provides the users an outstanding contrast into its white-colored dial. It is made to be one of the most legible watches of all time. The Tangomat is an automatic timepiece, and it is using the first in-house movement of the brand known to be the Caliber DUW 5001.

The movement includes 26 jewels, and it also offers users functions only for a time, just like the Alpha Caliber. It also possesses a stainless steel case with crisp and angular lines that users can also find in the Tangent, but the case is much thicker and more prominent with 38.3mm. It offers a much more presence for the wrist.

Nomos Orion Reference 301/309

The Nomos Orions is one of the most classy watches the company has ever had in its collection. The dial that this watch uses is colored in white, but when you look closely into this watch’s dial, the color is silver hue. They also applied an hour marker in shape that gives this timepiece a sense of depth. 

The movement that this model is using is known to be the in-house alpha caliber. Its in-house alpha caliber is manually wound and comes with 17 jewels. It is also offering only time. When the movement is fully wound, it provides users with power reserve for 43 hours. If you are a stylish person, this Nomos Orion is the wristwatch perfect for you.

Nomos Metro Reference 1101

The Nomos Metro comes in different variations to fit every user’s taste, but for this article, we prefer to explain to you reference 1101. This particular model shows users a quirky styled power reserve correctly displayed on its 12 and 1. This model also comes with stainless steel that is in the size of 37mm.

This model looks like a unisex watch. The things that make the case unique are its wired lugs, which you can find similar in our past trench timepieces. It uses a movement known to be DUW4401. The first movement by the company has a proprietary swing system by NOMOS.

Nomos Club Campus Night Reference 736/738

We all know that every watchmaker needs a good collection for sports. Nomos Glashutte introduced this particular model as a sports watch; they launched this specific model in 2017, they considered all the youth in this generation upon creating this collection. 


The brand Nomos Glashutte is slowly becoming a well-known brand internationally with their in-house movement; indeed, they will become one of the top watchmakers in history in time. Listed above are some of the brand’s most sought watch models of all time.

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