The New Way to Send Mail: Online Mailing


While sending physical mail may seem old-fashioned, it is still important for numerous reasons. Many bills and financial statements are sent via traditional mail. Also, many legal documents are sent this way. If your business needs to send a large amount of traditional mail, you should consider sending mail online. A service like LetterStream online mail has numerous options for you to choose from.

Most online mailing services offer a choice between First Class Mail and Certified mail, with Certified mail being slightly more expensive. There will also be many aesthetic options. In addition to the wealth of aesthetic options, the other benefits of online mailing include the ability to easily order in bulk, the opportunity to save time, and the opportunity to save money. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from an online mailing service.

Online Mailing Options

When customizing your online mail order, there are three main categories you have to specify in addition to the size of the order. These categories include what type of mail you want to send, the type of envelope you want to include, and additional options.

First-Class Mail or Certified?

Perhaps the most important choice you will face when placing an online mail order is between First Class Mail and Certified Mail. Generally, businesses use normal First Class Mail for most bills and financial statements. However, some urgent bills may be sent using Certified Mail. It is also important to note that legal documents are often sent via Certified Mail because of their importance. Certified Mail offers the benefit of confirmed delivery. However, it is more expensive than regular First Class Mail.

Windowed or Flat?

Usually, an online mailing service will offer you a choice between windowed or flat pack envelopes. WIndowed envelopes are commonly used for documents consisting of only a few pages. However, documents of 10 pages or more are often sent via flatpack envelopes, as these envelopes are designed to hold much longer documents. Both windowed and flat envelopes can come with a return envelope enclosed if you specify this.

Additional Options

Many services offer aesthetic options. These options generally cover the color and type of paper and envelopes used. You will also be able to specify whether the pages should be double-sided or single-sided printed.

The Benefits of Mailing Online

Easily Order in Bulk

One of the most important benefits of using an online mailing service is the ability to easily order in bulk. Sending out a bulk mailing the old-fashioned way requires more man-hours and more supplies as you scale up the order. Obviously, this is not the case if an online mailing service processes your order.

Save Time

Using an online mailing service will allow you and your employees to save time. Instead of directing your employees to spend hours stuffing envelopes, you can have them do something more important. You will also not have to spend time overseeing the letter stuffing operation.

Save Money

Online mailing service can help you save money. Online mailing services purchase their supplies in bulk, so they get lower prices than the local print shop. They can pass these savings onto their customers. Online mailing services also usually charge less for printing than print shops for the same reason.

Finding the Right Online Mailing Service

Finding the right online mailing service is easy if you keep a couple of key points in mind. First, you want to find an established service that has successfully completed many orders. Second, you should ensure that the service you are interested in offers many printing and mailing options. Lastly, make sure that the service you have in mind offers excellent customer service.

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