The most essential software tools for recruiters in 2021


Every recruiter aims to find the most skilled candidate for the job role they’re aiming to fill. This involves a lot of research and preparation. And they need powerful tools like recruitment software and skills testing software to help them achieve their goals.

Why does recruiting require tools?

Recruitment is essentially about finding the right talent at the right moment within the right span of time. Talent and time are both precious commodities in recruitment. The industry is also fast-paced and demanding.

It is only when working with the right tools that recruiters can be assured that desired results are more easily attained. While it is possible to source and place good candidates even without recruitment software or skills testing software, it would undoubtedly be much more challenging.

The right tools are a bonus. They help recruiters scrutinise their work and their system from a vantage point. Recruiters can approach their work more systematically. They can work faster, achieve their goals quickly, and obtain a lot more satisfied clients.

In short, recruiting needs tools to make headway in the way they work and the results they produce. The right tools ensure that their skills match the quality of work they are capable of delivering.

Benefits of recruitment software

Recruitment CRM software is a powerful and valuable recruiting tool. It helps elevate the workflow of every staffing agency that uses such a tool. Finding the right CRM software takes time and effort but once that part of the job is done, there are tons of advantages on offer.

1. Streamlined workflow

Technology plays a fundamental role in helping organise and manage work. Similarly, with recruitment platform software, recruiters will experience a systematic way of accomplishing tasks. Everything from remote working to team collaboration or even storing data becomes easy and convenient. This streamlined workflow is useful in progressing the work quicker and also uplifts the work quality.

2. Automation boosting productivity

A huge chunk of recruiters’ time is often tied up in admin work. These tasks can easily be given over to a recruitment software solution. The automation feature of the software helps the work be achieved quickly while needing very little time and attention from recruiters. So activities such as CV parsing and branding which usually requires weeks if recruiters are dealing with hundreds of candidates can be accomplished extremely fast. There is bound to be a productivity spike as a result of this.

3. Increase in quality candidates

This is the crux of recruiting work. Hiring companies procure the services of recruitment agencies so that they can have a choice of quality candidates when they are looking to fill a role. Recruiters can deliver on this promise quickly. The recruitment CRM supports talent mapping which helps track good candidates and maintain the candidate database. It also supports candidate sourcing through social media integration.

Benefits of skills testing software

Skills testing software is used by recruiters and employers to assess the talents and abilities of their candidates and employees. Skills testing is highly beneficial as pre-employment testing. The results derived from the tests provide tangible proof of an individual’s capabilities and aptitudes.

1. Filters candidates quickly

Skills testing software is a prominent tool when recruiters are faced with an influx of applicants. It instantly helps separate the best and most suitable candidates from the bulk of applicants. Skills testing is also immensely valuable when recruiters are trying to appoint candidates for many positions at once – for instance, in warehouse or supermarkets.

2. Helps in decision making

The results from skills tests are a reliable source to understand candidate ability. These present clarity to hiring companies when they are faced with a group of equally well-qualified applicants. Test results highlight both individual performances as well as their status in a group. This encourages employers to make informed and quick hiring decisions.

3. Easy and convenient testing

Online skills testing has transformed the way recruiters assess their candidates. There is no more obvious or convenient way to measure an individual’s technical skills and potential or evaluate company cultural fit. The ability to assess the applicants online on various topics like numeracy and literacy or accounting and data entry is extremely expedient. Online skills tests are helpful for both recruiter and candidate. The tests can be delivered online to Individual emails and can be done from anywhere with a computer device and a broadband connection.

Recruitment agencies must leverage the advantaged proffered by both recruitment software and skills testing software. Only then can their recruiters practice efficiency, be more productive and quickly deliver to highly skilled candidates to their clients.

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