The Main Differences between Black Salt And Pink Himalayan Salt


What is salt? The simplest definition of salt is the natural crystalline compound. It is NaCl, sodium chloride an important mineral component of seawater. Salt is used to season foods and also as a preservative. Studies show that there are about 1,400 uses of salt.

Salt is vital to life

Humans and animals need it to maintain fluid balance and the muscular and nervous functions of the body. Too much or too little salt can cause serious malfunction of the body’s organs, leading to serious problems. Check our grinder salt range. 

Different types of salts:

Generally speaking, salt can be divided into two categories; natural and man-made. Natural salts are extracted from seawater or salt mines. Those man-made are obtained by neutralization; A chemical reaction between acids and bases that results in salt and water. It is surprising to know that there are so many types of salts.

  • Table salt: Highly processed with additives such as bleaches and anti-caking agents
  • Kosher salt: thicker with slightly larger grains than table salt.
  • Sea salt: composition depends on the seawater from which it has been extracted. Click on the salt for grinder refill. Find out which is more beneficial for you, Sea Salt vs Himalayan Salt.
  • Celtic sea salt: extracted from the bottom of tidal ponds off the coast of France.
  • Pink Himalayan Salt: Since everyone is adopting healthy eating ways, Himalayan pink salt is the top pick as a food additive. There is no denying that Himalayan pink salt is full of health benefits, and this is why more people are replacing it with table salt.
  • Pink salt is mined from the Himalayan salt mines located in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in the Punjab region of Pakistan. This salt results from massive evaporation of seawater that was blocked by mountains due to plate tectonic changes millions of years ago. Since then, this salt has been protected by the layers of the mountains and is known to be the purest salt on planet Earth.


  • Black Salt: It is the black salt often referred to as Indian black salt or “Kala Namak” locally.

Difference between Himalayan pink salt and black salt:

  • Appearance:

Himalayan salt is mined from Himalayan salt mines. Therefore the salt originally comes in large chunks. These huge chunks are cut into the desired shapes and sizes. For use in cooking, this salt is ground into coarse grains.

Black salt does not occur naturally. It is obtained after heating and mixing charcoal, herbs, and spices with Himalayan salt. 

  • Composition:

Himalayan pink salt is the purest salt on this planet. It contains up to 84 trace minerals that are extremely important and beneficial for the functioning of our bodies. This is what makes this salt a common favorite of the masses around the world.

On the other hand, the composition of black salt is similar to pink salt, as it is obtained after processing Himalayan salt. 

  • State of existence:

Himalayan pink salt exists in its purest and most natural form, and this has been proven after lengthy studies and research.

One caution about black salt is that it is not always made from natural salt. 

  • Taste and smell:

Himalayan pink salt is almost odorless. It has a less salty taste compared to other commercially available salts. This is probably due to the low sodium content and the presence of many trace minerals.

Black salt is processed into a flavorful salt that is widely used as a seasoning. 

Uses and benefits of pink salt:

  • Himalayan pink salt is a miracle salt with a wide variety of uses. The benefits of pink salt make it so good for consumption.
  • Pink salt is great for your health when taken by mouth. It contains many trace minerals that make the body function smoothly.
  • Himalayan pink salt lamps are great ornaments. The light emitted by these lamps gives it an elegant look and a relaxing effect.
  • Himalayan salt is hygroscopic. It cleanses the environment of pollutants and positive ions.
  • Himalayan salt is used in therapies to cure respiratory diseases.
  • Pink salt is also beneficial when used for skin treatments such as bath baths and scrubs.
  • The benefits of Himalayan pink salt are not just limited to humans. It is widely used as a salt lick for animals. It helps them get stronger and grow.
  • Pink salt slabs are used in cooking as cooking slabs, cooling slabs, and serving dishes.


Pink salt and black salt are equally helpful. It is about one’s personal preference, which salt to adopt in daily life. Get your salt for grinder refill now!

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