The Main Causes of Car Accidents


Car accidents are never an accident. They are the outcome of actions, decisions, and behaviours that can be altered, improved, or eliminated.

According to the Car Accidents Survey and Statistics 2021, at least one car accident has occurred among 64 percent of Australians aged 18 and up who hold a driver’s licence.  Nonetheless, in a country the size of Australia, driving is an unavoidable aspect of life.

This article on car accidents will help you better understand what causes car accidents. So, you can try to prevent them. Some of the main reasons behind car accidents are discussed below.

1. Fast Driving

One of the many dangers drivers faces every day is driving too fast. Constant, uninterrupted driving only exacerbates the problem, leading to increased safety risks that result in serious injury.

Therefore, drivers need to slow down to get back home safer. Speeding causes not only more traffic but increases the risk of deadly accidents on the road. Driving more slowly is typically the less risky option- and it does save you time! When you are on the road, it is tempting to speed everything up. To avoid the risks, it is always wise to drive carefully and maintain a reasonable speed.

2. Distracted Driving

A recent study by Car Accidents and Statistics 2021 found that drivers are four times as likely to crash when making calls and sending texts on their phones. Similarly, the act of taking your eyes off the road while driving is dangerous, with professional drivers spending an average of 3 seconds on the phone every trip. So, drivers get distracted with their phones as well. That is one of the most significant contributors to these dangers.

3. Drunk Driving

Why are so many people dying in alcohol-related traffic accidents? The answer is simple. People are reckless when they get behind the wheel, which leads to an increase in perceived risk for everyone. As a result, fewer people are a designated driver, which means that more accidents occur due to drunk driving. Therefore, it is advisable to be careful and don’t drive drunk.

4. Night Driving

To increase concentration and reduce the risk of accidents at night, people should stay away from distractions such as cell phones, media, and music. When re-focusing your attention on the road, you will be able to see more and react faster.

Prioritizing driving over talking on the phone or using other devices while driving can help you avoid nighttime accidents. Investing in higher-quality night-vision technology can also help.

5. Running Red Lights

The intersection is a common sight on our city streets. Traffic signals, stop signs, and intersections are a constant source of struggle and danger. Running a red light is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to you. Keep that in mind before you accelerate. You will be glad you did!

Running red lights is always wrong, even when it is safe. Sometimes, especially with side-impact collisions, the consequences of running the light could be fatal.

People who run red lights have a greater risk of being involved in a crash which is likely to result in property damage and possible injury to themselves and others.  If you are injured in a car crash you might require the assistance of motor vehicle accident lawyers Perth to assist you with your compensation claim through the Insurance Commission of WA.

6. Rain

The weather is one of the most uncontrollable factors in life. It might be easier to choose to drive in the rain, but if you can avoid it, it is best to avoid driving around during the rainy season.

That is because the wet surface becomes even more slippery than would otherwise be, and there can be more than twice as much rain compared to the dry season, both of which can pose serious hazards.

7. Tailgating

If you are tailgating, you know from experience that there is no good way to do it. It is almost impossible to maintain a safe gap between you and the car in front of you with a tailgate.

Tailgating can be scary because you do not know what to expect. When we get overly aggressive on the road, we generally cause ourselves or others unnecessary anxiety and stress. As a result, we might harm ourselves and others this way.

8. Rules

A lot of time, drivers do not know the rules. They are so focused on getting to their destination that they put things like safety at risk. That is why drivers need to know the rules of the road. Educating yourself minimizes the risk of injury or death behind the wheel. It is nice to be aware of everything and drive carefully.

9. Vehicle Defects

Before being released on the market, the manufacturers rigorously inspect the vehicles. However, sometimes defects can slip through the cracks. Check for recalls to see if your car is being recalled and keep it safe. If you are aware of any recalls on your vehicle, be sure to take care of the recall to avoid consequences for yourself and your loved one.

10. Driving and Improper Turns

We all make mistakes and it is critical to ensure that you are not to blame when one occurs. However, there is a correct and incorrect way to do things, and the difference is often enormous.

Whether you are changing lanes or someone is coming up to you in an intersection, you need to know the road rules and understand the consequences if you make a mistake.

When it comes to driving, the main priority should always be safety. However, many people are unaware or take the road rules seriously, making mistakes that could have deadly consequences.


Thus, it is always wise to follow the safety rules and drive carefully. The accidents can be emotionally exhausting, physically painful, and they can make the most balanced of people fragile. Make sure you pay attention to these helpful tips to avoid car accidents. Your life is precious, and you need  to value it by driving carefully.

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