The Legends Campaign Debuts In Madden NFL 23


Jerome Bettis, Andre Reed, Jay Hilgenberg, Lester Hayes, and Anthony Munoz are the players who kick-start the Madden NFL 23 Legends program.

Come to A6K if you are looking for cheap MUT coins! The Legends program continues in Madden NFL 23. This is a weekly release that features some of the best NFL players. The cards have good ratings and stats. The Legends campaign is the only way to acquire Power-Ups items in Madden NFL 23. To earn the Power-Up item, you will have to complete three challenges. The Power-Up card can be upgraded. Each Legends player has several item variants. We have three Boom cards with 81, 83, and 85 OVR. The Season item has 87 OVR. The Boss card has 89 OVR. Find the best Madden coins offers only on A6K!

The First Madden NFL 23 Legends Have Arrived

The 89 OVR Boss card comes from completing a set. You will need the 87 OVR card representing the reward player, three 85 OVR, four 83 OVR, and five 81 OVR Legend items to finish the set. You can obtain Legend tokens, Boom Moments, and Power-Up Legends from challenges. The first week has 25 challenges that reward 10,000 MUT coins, eight Power-Ups, and 25 stars. Legend tokens are acquired for star milestones. Don’t forget to check out the store for Legends packs. Let’s see the Legends players that mark the beginning of the MUT 23 Legends program. We will have a look at the 89 OVR Boss card.

Jerome Bettis

Position: Elusive Back Halfback.

Stats: 86 speed, 89 acceleration, 84 agility, 90 awareness, 84 strength, 77 jumping, 10 return.

Andre Reed

Position: Deep Threat Wide Receiver.

Stats: 88 speed, 87 acceleration, 86 agility, 87 awareness, 55 strength, 87 jumping, 77 return.

Jay Hilgenberg

Position: Agile Center.

Stats: 66 speed, 75 acceleration, 58 agility, 87 awareness, 87 strength, 57 change of direction.

Anthony Munoz

Position: Power Offensive Tackle.

Stats: 70 speed, 72 acceleration, 66 agility, 60 change of direction, 87 awareness, 88 strength.

Lester Hayes

Position: Slot Cornerback.

Stats: 88 speed, 87 acceleration, 88 agility, 90 change of direction, 87 awareness, 76 strength, 89 jumping, 87 play recognition, 45 return.

Steve Atwater

Position: Zone Safety.

Stats: 87 speed, 87 acceleration, 81 agility, 85 change of direction, 87 awareness, 84 strength, 89 jumping, 87 play recognition, 61 return.

Mike Vrabel

Position: Run Stopper Offensive Linebacker.

Stats: 85 speed, 87 acceleration, 77 agility, 75 change of direction, 87 awareness, 86 strength, 77 jumping, 87 play recognition.

Deacon Jones

Position: Speed Rusher Defensive End.

Stats: 82 speed, 88 acceleration, 81 agility, 78 change of direction, 87 awareness, 88 strength, 87 play recognition.

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