The Importance of Trust in StarGirl

In StarGirl, trust plays a central role that strongly affects the relationships between characters, their ability to collaborate with one another and the entire atmosphere of the show as a whole. The immense amount of trust between the central characters builds a strong foundation for the entire show to build upon.

Close Relationships

StarGirl is a show created by Geoff Johns that follows the heroic journey of a young girl named Courtney Whitmore, whose superheroine alias is StarGirl. Courtney is a high schooler who, uncommonly, has a very close relationship with her parents. There’s a lot of trust and love between her and her mother and stepfather, which are the basis for the very strong relationship that they share. Her trust in her parents is what allows her to share the fact that she’s a superheroine with them, instead of keeping this information hidden from them.

Being able to be honest about her reality with her parents is amazing enough, but Courtney’s parents take things a step further by actually being a great resource for her whenever she needs help. They are able to help her when she runs into trouble in her regular, student life and in her superheroine life as well. Her stepfather, who has experience being a sidekick to a superhero of the past, is especially helpful to StarGirl as she learns the ropes of how to be an effective superheroine.

There’s also a lot of trust between Courtney and her friends. She ends up sharing her heroic secret with several of her friends as well, because of the open dialogue that exists between them. This results in the establishment of an incredible partnership later on.

Effective Hero Collaboration

StarGirl ends up becoming the leader of a superhero group called the Justice Society of America. What’s impressive about this group is that the members of it came together thanks to the trust that exists between Courtney and her family and friends. The members of the group are Courtney, her stepfather and several of her friends. It’s incredible that this group is comprised of heroes that actually knew each other and were friends before they even became superheroes.

The way in which this group came together results in very effective collaboration between the member heroes. The members are already friends, they already trust each other, and thus already get along very well. These are all things that make collaborating with each other that much easier and that much more effective.

Light Atmosphere

The abundance of trust between the central characters of the show gives it a light atmosphere. There is no great sense of unease about the relationship between Courtney and her parents or Courtney and her friends. Instead, there’s a strong sense that there is a unified, strong front and deterrent to the forces of evil within the show.

Trust serves as a strong foundation for the show StarGirl. The trust between Courtney and her friends and family fosters their close relationships, effective hero collaboration and a light show atmosphere.

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