The Ideal Mommy Makeover Candidate


Becoming a mother is going to be one of the biggest moments in your life, but that process might also have a clear impact on your appearance. Even though remaining healthy throughout your pregnancy should minimize your risk of lingering cosmetic issues, most mothers are going to struggle with at least a few unwanted imperfections. The mommy makeover is a good option for those who would like to completely rejuvenate their looks during a single trip to the doctor. This combination operation can be used to address a wide variety of blemishes and imperfections that many women have to deal with after they become mothers.

Why Choose a Combination Procedure?

There are quite a few reasons why many patients and surgeons now prefer mommy makeovers over individual treatments and procedures. One of the biggest benefits of getting a combination procedure is the fact that you won’t have to go through multiple recovery periods over the years. Within a few weeks of your mommy makeover, you will most likely be back on your feet with a fresh new appearance and boosted confidence. The mommy makeover also allows surgeons to address a variety of cosmetic issues during a single appointment. Some of the most common issues that mothers treat during a mommy makeover include cellulite, localized pockets of fat, loose skin, and asymmetrical breasts.

Revitalizing Your Midsection

After you give birth, you are probably going to notice some distinct changes to your abdominal area. A tummy tuck or liposuction could be exactly what you need to tone that area of the body so that you can once enjoy a slim figure. Some patients even add both of those operations to their mommy makeovers if they want to transform the abdominal area. The primary purpose of a tummy tuck is to trim away excess skin and soft tissue so that the area appears to be flat and sculpted.

If excess abdominal fat is your primary concern, then liposuction will most likely be the ideal option. A tummy tuck can involve some fat extraction, but it won’t help you deal with larger pockets of localized fat. During the liposuction step in your procedure, your surgeon can carefully break apart and remove unwanted abdominal fat with a thin rod known as a cannula. They are then going to adjust all of the nearby soft tissue so that the stomach looks flat, natural, and toned.

Treatment Options for the Breasts

After you become a mother, you might notice some distinct changes to your breast as well. One of the most common issues that mothers struggle with is deflated breast tissue. Quite a bit of tissue can be lost whenever you lose weight or go through any hormonal changes, and adding volume to the breasts usually requires professional assistance. Breast implants are going to enhance the size of your breasts so that they are symmetrical and proportionate to the rest of your body. Some patients also have a breast lift carried out so that the breasts are perkier and sit higher on the chest.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The longevity of your results will depend on a number of different variables, and that includes your age and overall health. In many cases, lifts and fat removal procedures can produce results that last for decades as long as patients remain at a healthy weight. The breast procedures can last for a decade or longer as well, but your implants will need to be replaced at some point. During your first meeting with the surgical team, you will be given further instructions on what you can do to enjoy long-term results.

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