The Greek Gambling Industry – How Do I Start Playing?


Online gambling is illegal in Greece. Any Greek citizen can try to play at an online casino, but they will not be able to deposit money into their account. It may be somewhat possible for them to withdraw their winnings if everything works out right – but this does not happen very often.

Most of the online casinos are against individual players from Greece because the country has made it clear that there are no laws protecting gamblers who lose all of their money. With this being said, there are some legal options for new players who want to try out the casino experience without breaking any laws or risking their financial future.

  • The first option would be signing up with a reputable brick-and-mortar property that happens to have a website where people can sign up and play online. Only a few Greek casinos provide this service because they don’t want to lose their gambling license. The most popular casino in Greece would be Olympic Casino which offers a huge variety of games and is gaining more popularity every year.
  • The second option for a new online gambler would be signing up with an international online casino that caters specifically to Greek players or has a lot of current customers from the region. These websites usually have private banking options available so customers can deposit money when needed – however, they cannot withdraw their winnings since these transactions will not process through local banks in Greece. Most of these websites are actually operating out of Malta, Alderney, Isle Of Man, Croatia, Gibraltar, and other countries where gambling is legal – but they still allow Greek players to sign up for an account.
  • The third option would be finding a foreign website that happens to have a large customer base in Greece. A lot of these websites are targeted towards citizens from various European countries – but it is important to remember that the laws concerning online gambling don’t apply until you start playing money games. Everybody can try out all of the free casino games available on these websites without any consequences – so if you really want to try your luck, go ahead and give it a shot! You may even win some real cash prizes which will motivate you to continue playing more often than other people who are using these websites as pastimes instead of playing for big jackpots.
  • The last option for new players would be using a VPN to bypass the geographical restrictions that are placed on online casinos. All of these websites have different terms and conditions which may include certain areas where people can sign up from – but if you make it seem like your computer is located in another country, you will be able to start playing for real money within minutes!

This was an explanation of how Greek citizens can play at international or foreign casinos with a few options to choose from. It is not recommended for you to try and sign up with a local casino because the laws concerning online gambling are too strict and you will not be able to make any withdrawals if you win big. The last option of using a VPN to access casinos is perfectly legal – but it is not recommended because you will have to pay for the service which can get expensive.

As you can see, there are a lot of online casinos for Greek players to sign up with – but only a few websites accept people from Greece. If you are interested in seeing what international casinos have to offer, become a member with a website currently accepting Greek players – such as Betsson Online Casino. This is a perfect way to experience all of the free games and features before deciding to start playing with cash. This way you can have some fun for free before turning your attention towards bigger prizes.

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