The Future of Online Gambling : No House Edge


Online gambling is one of the most popular and lucrative hobbies in the world. This has helped it become the multi-billion dollar industry it is today. The biggest contributor to the industry is online casinos, which have paved a new era of gambling. Online casinos sit at the forefront leading the industry as they evolve and expand their horizons all around the world. They have offered gamblers all over the world the ability to play all their favorite casino games whenever and wherever. Anyone can easily find the ultimate list of casino card games online and start their gambling career.

All these innovations have led to the question of what’s next. Some speculate that live or VR casinos are the way to go while others hope to see casinos with no house edge. The latter is quite an interesting premise and would shock the industry if it happened. Keep reading to get an insight into what this system may look like.

What is house edge?

To know how a casino without house edge would work it is important to understand how it truly works. House edge in casinos is a predetermined percentage that varies from game to game, and its purpose is to lower the chances of the player winning. This is why people often say you are playing against the house in casinos, this slight edge makes a substantial difference in your winnings. Most games’ edge is around 5% varying depending on potential payouts and per casino preference.

The house edge isn’t there just to cut you out of your wins, it has a very clear and important purpose. That is to sustain the casinos allowing them to keep their services running, be it maintaining servers for online casinos or the facilities for in-person ones. Without the house, edge casinos would be running a losing business that would eventually fail and shut down. 

Ways online casinos could work without house edge

Cutting out the house edge means that a large portion of the casino’s profits will be lacking. This means that the casinos with no house edge would somehow try to make up for this loss. The possibilities for this are endless but some that could work the best are subscription plans, casinos implementing tax upon withdrawal, and many more. Taxation may seem like the best route to go as it offers the most to the casino while also granting players a fair experience. 

Another way online casinos can work out a no house edge casino is by developing one on the blockchain. This will also help the transparency of all transactions as well as the unified currency many people are already accustomed to.

Would bonuses exist in casinos without house edge?

Casino bonuses are a staple of the industry and hold a special place in gamblers’ hearts. Bonuses grant players free funds and spins allowing for a great beginner experience. They serve the role of the best advertising tool for all online casinos. And their simple yet very effective use merits their reputation in the industry.

 The removal of house edge could mean that these bonuses could either disappear or tone down. Casino bonuses are already a losing practice for the casino since players can make out big wins. Further pushing them into the negative by increasing players’ chances of winning will prove detrimental to online casinos. The thought of what’s gonna happen to bonuses if no house edge casinos become the norm is quite interesting. Currently, we can only speculate on what’s gonna happen, but whatever happens will surely be a pleasant surprise. 

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