The famous Feng Shui Bracelet finally exposed


Rule number one do not bring it into your bedroom do not sleep with it and don’t wear it

when you’re running or exercising do not have it face the toilet i know it sounds crazy but it does not like dirt period.

Today i want to talk about the pixie, pixu or pishu, there’s different ways of um basically naming it um but you know what you name it the way that you want it. there’s no right or wrong i’m sure and so I did talk about this bracelet that i purchased on Umisoul about i want to say two weeks ago in one of my recent video and i wanted to make a video dedicated to the pixiu to show feng shui.

The pishu feng shui bracelet just like evil eye bracelet which is feng shui bracelet,I purchased not too long ago and i made a quick quick review

about it but i didn’t really go in depth about how it has brought me so much luck and I was thinking about you guys and how this can bring you luck in times of hardship because it is said that it will bring wealth health and it would actually help you to level out your inner energy just to keep calm through the storms.

So it has it has helped enormously now I’ve put it to the test a few times because i wanted to see hey if i don’t do it this way is it going to work and if i don’t wear it the right way is it gonna work and it works you guys now again if you believe in something hard enough it will happen now whether this works or not,i think it’ll be up to you. If you’re skeptical and you’re negative and you go into this thinking this is not going to work then it might not work for you, but if you go into this and you think to yourself i have nothing to lose.

It is a good price point, it actually comes in a beautiful box which i’ll probably post a picture right here you open it and it’s very luxurious looking now I’m not crazy about the gold color,I don’t wear gold as you can see i’m always silver actually this coincidently is gold but um i rarely wear  gold color.

what the meaning of the dragon? this is the dragon this is the body the tail um kind of like the ears and the mouth is in the front so the mouth is open and then you have the four legs the front and the back and then the black obsidian keeps going around with some markings. so i’ve got many of them and i wanted to show you guys the difference, this is one that has a black bead and then you have the gold the black the gold mine is continuously black and then as you can see the dragon is remarkably larger than mine as you can see here. my dragon is tiny compared to this one which is a lot bigger now those work the same just they come from different companies so companies some of them will invest in a little more expensive and charge a little more money and others won’t now you have the two-sided drago, dragon facing each other okay there is a stringy  flexible string inside which is easy to kind of like stretch with your the size of your wrist and they are both facing each other, so there is no good way or bad way of wearing it and they’re both facing this little world here this little circle thing here.

This one has a color changing so depending on your mood um it’ll go from green to gray to black.

so it’s got different changing lines and that are facing each other and then you can have these but in the black and gold black and gold skipping colors so there are so many on the market you just have to go with the one that you feel more attracted.

There’s another rule in wearing this bracelet you can’t just be wearing it and go take a shower. There’s a lot of rules with these bracelet it’s almost like taking care of a new baby,at the beginning you know at the beginning i just wasn’t taking it seriously and whenever i would take it seriously good things would happen whenever i would neglect the bracelet things wouldn’t happen, so i kind of understood that you have to respect it and getting into this you can’t just throw it around.

This is not going to happen it’s not going to work or it’s not working if you’re not willing to put in the effort to take care of it so the it is said that pixiu as the power to protect the master from calamity and dangers okay so it is some sort of protection. whether you believe it or not again it’s up to you. I do feel a certain vibration when i do wear it i don’t know if it’s psychological because i know that i have it or because it is working but um like i said i believe everything has a vibration whether it’s your hair or it’s an item or it’s something in your house, every item in your life has some sort of vibration and life to it and so again if you believe in it you can make whatever it is that’s positive happen.

Let me start telling you about this bracelet so rule number one do not sleep with your

Bracelet okay so do not bring it with you in the bedroom and do not wear it so rule number one

do not leave it in your bedroom, so a lot of people just go to bed and put it on their nightstand you do not want to do that because the minute that you’re laying down and your pea shoe is above you it will give you bad energy you’ll have nightmares you won’t be sleeping right.More connecting bracelet check here

whether because someone touched it or you just got your box in the mail and you opened it and you want to start fresh you could do it that way do the sun and do the moon. unfortunately I mean you can buy it for people there’s no problem with that but you need to make sure that they are over 16 years of age, unfortunately children have energies that are kind of scattered they don’t know how to channel their energy yet and this is very powerful and it could backfire, unfortunately it is said not to have anyone under the age of 16 wear this bracelet or anyone over the age of 70. now i’ve heard that a lot of 70 year olds can channel energy are all into yoga and they’re into control and they’re into if they are in a good place in their life and they’re matured. You know energy and what not they are allowed so that would be the exception but i personally don’t recommend it because people over 70 and in children under 16 are not to be in the presence of the bracelet.

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