The coach who took many national teams to the FIFA World Cup playoffs


There have been many football coaches who have been famous for coaching many national sides. However, it is very rare to find examples that are successful in more than one national team. In most cases, as 1xBet tz visitors can attest, the most successful national sides are those who are coached by a single individual for many years.

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. One of them is the case of Bora Milutinović. Throughout the years, he became known as the Miracle Worker, and he has this nickname well deserved. This is because, throughout his career, he managed many national teams, such as:

  • México;
  • Costa Rica;
  • the United States;
  • and Nigeria.

With all of them, he managed not only to qualify for different editions of the FIFA World Cup. He also managed to surpass the group stage and go into the playoffs of the competition. No other coach has come even close to that impressive record.

Most of those teams who were coached by Milutinović at some moment have gone on to having interesting participation in different competitions. This means that tz 1xBet punters, and fans of those squads, can see the legacy of the Serbian coach in their favorite squads.

Milutinović’s coaching career

Bora Milutinović ended his career as a player in the Mexican team UNAM. Immediately after retiring he would become coach of that team. He held that post for six years, and became one of the best coaches in the history of that team. Certainly part of UNAM’s most recent successes can be attributed to the Serbian’s work, making it a great choice for those who make a 1xBet login and bet on its matches.

Milutinović’s impressive coaching record at UNAM attracted the attention of those in charge of the Mexican national team. In 1983 he was appointed as the coach of the national side. Thanks to his work, Mexico had its best ever FIFA World Cup performance.

In 1990, Milutinović was appointed as coach of the Costa Rican national team for the FIFA World Cup of that year. Before the beginning of the competition, he left out of the team some of the most important players of the team back then. Many thought that these measures would mean absolute catastrophe for the team. However, Costa Rica had its best ever FIFA World Cup participation, and the team continues to constantly qualify to this competition. Here punters can make a login 1xBet and bet on this team, which always has solid participation.

Milutinović also coached the United States and the Nigerian teams in the 1994 and 1998 FIFA World Cups respectively. In both competitions he took those teams through the group stage as well. He attempted to repeat the same feat with China in 2002. However, this time things didn’t work as planned.

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