The Best Way to Juice Cleanse


Juice fasting is one great way to give your body a break. Drinking fresh juices helps the body recover from constantly breaking down heavy, unhealthy foods and gives it some time to restore it to health.

Juice fasting will feel even easier if you stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables to avoid eating tasty unhealthy meals. Buy your preferred vegetable juices and soups from Sapje in Holland and drink the bad away!

How does a juice cleanse work?

Juice cleansing involves three main stages. These stages are:

1. Pretox:

Juice cleansing involves a preliminary phase known as pre-tox before the actual detox regimen. In this phase, you accustom your body to juices and other liquid vegetable diets.

Remember, you only have to take reasonable amounts of juices along with routine food to gear up your body adequately. This phase typically lasts for three days.

2. Detox:

Moving onto the actual cleanse, start your day with a kick juice made from lemon, turmeric, and ginger. It would be best if you took the juice every two hours. Although, there is no strictness about it.

If you need something to eat during the day for working out or doing other assignments, have only raw and fresh vegetables, nuts, or one avocado.

3. Aftertox:

The last stage is called the after-tox and continues for three days after your juice cleansing. It is a lot like pre-tox; however, instead of familiarizing the body with juices, we give it time to lapse back into a regular diet.

You must eat seeds, nuts, and vegetables on the first day. The second day allows you to enjoy gluten-free grains and beans. It is followed by the third day, wherein you are ready to eat organic meat, organic raw milk products, and fresh fish.

What are the effects of a juice cleanse?

Generally, people have reported positive outcomes of juice cleansing. Apart from being an excellent way to lose weight rapidly, it is also healthy and cheap.

Juice fasting makes you feel fresher and cleaner. Moreover, these effects are not only felt, but they also manifest in clearer skin and improved digestion.


If you are struggling with bad dietary habits, it would be wise to try juice cleansing. This method is fool-proof and based entirely on fresh and healthy ingredients.

Moreover, you can make juices at home or order them online. Either way, you are bound to benefit from this minimalist, healthy, and vegan diet regimen.

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