The Best Ski Resorts In Montenegro


Montenegro is a small country in the Balkans with stunning natural beauty. It is very popular among travelers with year-round holidays. In the winter, skiing takes the place of swimming. But Montenegro is not as famous for its ski resorts as, say, Austria or France. Still, they are comfortable and well-equipped.

Montenegro Ski Resorts are also cheaper than popular European resorts. There are downhills and snowboard tracks, as well as modern cable cars, tasty restaurants, and spa centers. To ensure this is a vivid skiing experience you can enjoy popular winter events.

While some parts of the world are welcoming in the warmer months, winter is around the corner for others. During the winter, there is plenty of snow and as such many activities for you to enjoy as well.

Hiking and swimming are replaced with skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing. If you are visiting Montenegro in the winter, you won’t be disappointed, there are ski resorts for you to visit! So, you won’t get bored.

In this guide, you will find information about the best ski resorts in Montenegro.

How To Reach Ski Resorts in Montenegro?

Since you are planning a winter vacation in Montenegro, there is no doubt that you will visit some of the popular Montenegrin ski resorts. Whether you are coming for a short period or long term stay, there is no doubt that you will need transportation.

There are two popular ways to visit popular ski centers.

The first is the most popular but less flexible. Daily bus tours to the most popular ski resorts are the usual way to reach ski centers. Prices vary but are generally affordable.

If you still like flexibility and travel by your peace, a car rental in Montenegro is the best choice. We highly recommend renting a car with a local company Tara-Car. Besides flexibility, you will be less exposed to larger groups if traveling with the car. In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to stay safe.

The Best Ski Resorts in Montenegro

1. Kolasin 1450

Ski lifts, ski equipment rentals, a ski depot for kids and adults, night skiing, and other amenities are available at Ski Resort Kolasin 1450. They have a total of 25 kilometers worth of slopes.

The resort lies 8 kilometers from the city center, at an elevation ranging from 1450 meters to 1973 meters. You can reach it by car or bus. The slopes and pistes are well-kept, well-distributed, and well-marked.

Aside from seasoned skiers, beginners, and intermediates, looking to develop their ski skills.

With exceptional snow quality and affordable prices, we are confident that you will have a great time at this resort.

2. Kolasin 1600

Kolasin 1600, a ski resort on the southern side of Bjelasica mountain, was established in February 2019. The number 1600 marks the height of the cableway’s starting point.

The resort is 2 hours away from Podgorica, 15 minutes from Kolasin, and approximately 2 kilometers from the Kolasin 1450 ski center.

The 27.19-hectare resort community has a core zone with hotels and apartments, a large parking area for 200 automobiles, a Troglava restaurant, and an emergency room. The base area is where the ski slopes begin.

The modern cableway is 1567 meters long and can transport 2600 skiers every hour. There is also an elevator for children. Kolasin 1600 now features two tracks totaling 4.5 kilometers in length.

As the most popular Ski town in Montenegro, Kolasin will have a total of 62.5 kilometers of ski tracks, with Kolasin 1450 and Kolasin 1600.

3. Zabljak Ski Center

Zabljak features two great ski centers:

  • Savin Kuk, which starts at the foot of Durmitor and runs for about 3,500 meters
  • Javorovaca which runs for about 400 meters

Savin Kuk

The ski resort Savin Kuk has two lifts, three ski lifts, one of which is equipped with floodlights for night skiing, and a children’s ski lift. Visitors may discover 4.6 kilometers of ski slopes with a capacity of 3,000 skiers. The height difference is 700 meters. Three blue routes, one red trail, one black trail, and a children’s, infant path are available at the ski resort Savin Kuk.

The two-seater cable car Savin Kuk I is 1,550 meters long and leads to the peak of Savin Kuk at an elevation of 1,907 meters above sea level. It has 3.8 kilometers of ski trails (three blue, one red, and one for children). The upper two-seater cable car Savin Kuk II is 700 meters long and rises to 2,213 meters above sea level. Because it has a black trail of 800 meters, it is designed for advanced skiers.


Javorovaca is an ideal choice for beginners and families. Ski service and a ski school are available to visitors.

On the complex of 145,000 m2, there is a Restaurant – Pension Javorovaca, a ski resort with all the accompanying facilities, ski lift length of 400 m, baby lift length of 150 m, ski school, playroom, etc. Restaurant / Pension Javorovaca is built on the principle of hotel type. The main building is built in a mountain style and blended into the ambiance. The ambiance, space, the location where it is located, is the ideal place to relax.

4. Ski Center Vucje near Niksic

A 20-minute drive away from Niksic and a 1-hour drive from Podgorica, the Ski Center Vucje is located in the beautiful, untouched nature.  At an altitude of about 1,300 meters,  the location is very accessible in winter, which makes it attractive for skiers.

The ski center offers a 1,250-meter recreational trail, two 400-meter competition trails, and a 120-meter trail for children.

Ski lifts can transport up to 900 people per day.

Ski equipment rental is available at the ski school’s office.

The warmth of the fireplace and the warmth of the hosts will complete the joy of being at the Mountain Lodge.

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