The Best 5 Fabrics to Pick When Shopping Online For Your Soon-To-Be-Born Baby


Congratulations! You are a couple of weeks due and over the moon already. Preparations in readiness for the arrival of your beautiful bundle of joy are in top gear. Today, you may be planning to fetch a few newborn baby clothes online, but it so happens you have no idea what fabric would go best with your angel. 

When buying a newborn baby’s clothes online, not just any type of baby cloth matters. Any online boutique could be selling all kinds of fabrics, or just a couple of them. And most don’t tell you which fabric types would be good for your little one. 

Yet, it is a primary consideration.

For a savvy parent, the choice of child-friendly-fabrics goes beyond picking the obvious warm cotton bodysuits, fleece socks, and stretchy baby leggings. You must choose baby clothes that are suitable for the kid’s comfort, breathability, and practicality

Which Fabrics Should You Choose for Your Baby?

The best fabrics for baby clothes you can find at any baby clothes online boutique should first guarantee total safety and comfort. Polyester fabrics — because they are waterproof, or muslin, cotton, batiste, jersey-knit eyelet, and lawn — for they offer great variety, are an obvious pick. 

Other great fabrics that notable shops like HuxBaby mostly recommend include bamboo pillow rayon, brushed denim, velour, velveteen, and fleece. If you are going to buy a new newborn baby’s clothes, ensure that the wardrobe doesn’t miss the following:

1. Cotton

Those jeans, tees, dresses, baby rompers, and onesies can be cotton-made. Buy as many of them as possible, since they can never cause any allergies, and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. 

Cotton is a great material for your newborn’s outfit. Its breathability index is excellent, while it can also absorb and retain moisture without making the kid feel uncomfortable. If possible, go for cotton fabrics that feature a little amount of elastane or polyester. 

2. Fleece

This is the go-to fabric if you need to pick the kid’s outerwear and blankets. Fleece is soft, warm, and supple, and the best thing about it is that it is highly stain-resistant, easy to wash and dry.

Fleece, just like cotton, is highly durable and never causes any allergies as well. But don’t hesitate to pick fleece caps, mittens, and bibs as well. Basically, choose a sizable number of clothes made from this material for your newborn child. 

3. Bamboo Rayon

Of all baby clothes worth buying for your soon-to-be-born kid, bamboo rayon shouldn’t miss. Bamboo bedding, blankets, hats, and garments come in handy when you need to keep your angel warm and comfy, as it is thermal-regulating.  

It is ultra-soft, supple, and durable, and ultimately perfect for layering. It is mostly great for sensitive skin and can be a perfect alternative or even a supplementary choice for fleece. 

4. Satin

You can easily identify satin baby clothes because they usually appear glossy and attractive, much like silk. But off an online baby clothes store, ask the seller whether it’s satin before placing your order. 

Satin, for your little one, is perfect because of its ease of ironing and the fact that it’s usually well-ventilated with a good breathability index. Satin clothes are perfect for warm summer conditions, and mostly when the kid is feeling hot and needs a loose and open outfit. 

5. Linen

The best thing about linen kids’ fabrics is how good they are for baby skin. It is a natural fabric, great on sensitive skin, and highly durable. And even if it’s difficult to iron, this material is great when the weather is hot and the little one’s body needs some fresh air. Linen absorbs moisture well, ventilates excellently, and never clasps onto the skin. And so, your kid’s summer outfit can be made from this fabric. 

Apart from picking newborn kids’ outfits made from the above fabrics, don’t forget to sample a few soft, fine wale corduroy, batiste, gingham, and seersucker as well as flannel and Minky. They are blends of two or more fabrics but are durable. 

It would be best to ask the seller about the fabric before placing your order. Whether it’s your favorite baby clothes online boutique or any other, don’t merely trust the product’s description. Let the seller tell you and perhaps even describe how the outfit looks and feels like. 

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