The benefits of using a selfie light for a video conference


Working from home has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Sure, COVID-19 made it difficult for people to go to the office for quite some time, but that is not the only reason that working from home has become more accepted. Technological developments have made it much easier to keep in touch remotely with colleagues and managers and have made hybrid working much more manageable. Platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype enable us to stay in touch and ever work together from a distance. And video conferencing has become easier than ever with all these tools. But it is still important to have the right set-up at home to have a decent video conference. One of the tools that you definitely need is a selfie light. It really adds value to your workstation and it has many benefits for a video conference.

What is a selfie light?

A selfie light, or a ring light, is quite an essential tool for everyone working online or on social media. It is a light source in the shape of a ring. This ring is made up of LEDs and is charged through a USB. It gives off the perfect lighting for videos, photos, and video conferences. Because of the shape of the light, it doesn’t create any shading or lines and you can adjust the light to your own preferences. You can get the selfie ring in different sizes, depending on your preferred device.

If you use your smartphone for work calls, videos and video conferences, a selfie light ring for smartphones is probably your best option. This ring light is placed around the camera on your phone. You can simply click it on and you’re ready for a conference. You can adjust the type of lighting and the brightness to fit the setting. The ring light is small and lightweight which makes it easy to take along. You can use it anytime and anywhere and it really makes hybrid working a lot easier.

If you have a more permanent set-up at home you can choose to use a larger ring light for tablets, laptops, or a personal computer or Mac. This ring light is placed around the camera too, but it’s a bit bigger. It gives off good lighting, even if your office isn’t that well lit. You are ready for a video conference or meeting in no time.

The benefits of a selfie light

Excellent lighting

As mentioned before, the selfie light gives off the best possible light in any setting. Most ring lights offer a warm light, cold light, or a mixture of warm-cold light. You can adjust the brightness too and make it perfect for any occasion. Because of the possibilities, you have the best lighting in any location and at any time. And because of the shape and placement of the ring light, you don’t get any unwanted shadows or lines.


Whether you prefer a ring light for your smartphone, a ring light on a tripod, or a laptop ring light: they are always easy to bring along. Even the ring lights for a computer or Mac are easy to pack and to use at any location. You don’t even need an outlet to use it; you simply charge it beforehand through a USB.

Easy to use

A ring light is extremely easy to use. You simply click it onto your phone or screen, right around the camera. You then turn it on and adjust the lighting to your liking. That really is all there is to it. There is no need for reflectors, studio lamps, or screens to finetune the lighting.


If you use your selfie light on your smartphone or tablet, you can simply move the device around to get the best angles. If you want a more solid set-up, you can choose to use a ring light with a camera holder and tripod. It gives you the freedom to move around and you can adjust the lighting and the camera to your liking.

Flawless look

Looks aren’t everything, but it sure is nice to look good during a meeting or a video. A ring light makes you look your best in any setting. You can adjust the lighting to make you look fresh and awake and the light really makes everybody look their best.

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