The Benefits of the PSA Oxygen Generator- Hospitals & Other Medical Facilities


The PSA oxygen generator uses a patented pressure swing adsorption process to generate a stream of pure oxygen for breathing purposes. The atmosphere contains a mixture of gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, and 0.9% argon. The PSA process separates these gases using molecular sieves, a special kind of adsorbent. This equipment is made up of two separate vessels containing molecular sieve absorbers. A pneumatic system that incorporates valves, filters, and a pressure regulator provides oxygen to the user. The unit also features an automatic device that monitors the level of gas and can regenerate the oxygen tank.

The PSA oxygen generator produces continuous oxygen at 95.3% purity. The US Pharmacopoeia Standard has specifications for 99% purity, and some local authorities require using this product for MeCan Medical purposes. It is higher than the ninety percent purity requirement, but it is still suitable for most applications. In hospitals, it may also be used for inhalation. Therefore, it is vital to check the gas composition before using a PSA oxygen generator.

The PSA oxygen generator provides hospitals and other medical facilities

The PSA oxygen generator provides continuous oxygen purity of 95.3%. It can be used for inhalation in hospitals and other medical facilities. Although 99% purity is the US Pharmacopoeia Standard, some local authorities require 93%. The oxygen generated by a PSA oxygen generator is filtered and is highly pure. The gas can even be used for metal cutting, which is suitable for all medical applications.

The PSA oxygen generator can provide continuous oxygen purity of 95.3%. For safety reasons, it eliminates the need for bulk oxygen deliveries. It can provide a more consistent flow of diluted oxygen in many medical facilities. Its effortless maintenance and fully automated operation ensure that the generator is always ready for use. And it can be a cost-effective option for healthcare. The PSA oxygen generator can be an excellent choice for any facility with so many benefits.

A PSA oxygen generator can be used in hospitals to generate gas for inhalation

The PSA is compatible with most medical facilities and can generate 93% oxygen. Its ability to produce PSA gaseous air is a massive plus for the industry. It is also safe to use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The unit does not need to be placed in a medical setting, but it should be easily portable. It does not cost a lot to install.

The PSA oxygen generator produces pure oxygen continuously

It is recommended to have separate air preparation equipment. This equipment is located in a separate room from the oxygen generator. It will not operate if the air is not clean. A PSA gas-generating plant must meet the minimum requirements for medical-grade oxygen. A VPSA can be used for a higher capacity. You can use the VPSA if you need more than a PSA oxygen generator for your facility.

The PSA uses a molecular sieve to separate the gases

The PSA prefers nitrogen while oxygen passes as a pure gas. Despite its name, this device can be used in any location. A typical PSA unit can operate indoors or outdoors. Its temperature range is 40 degrees F to 80 degrees F. It should be installed in an environment with an air conditioning unit. Then it can be placed outside.

A PSA oxygen generator is an essential part of any air treatment system. It produces a steady stream of pure oxygen. It is best used indoors but is not limited to this purpose. A standard OGSI oxygen generator is best for use in a dry room. It is a reliable option for a high capacity. However, it cannot be easy to use indoors. A PSA generator is a powerful and economical piece of equipment that will deliver purified air for your needs.


Depending on the model, a PSA oxygen generator may require constant maintenance. Its internal filters need to be changed at regular intervals. Its valves may require rebuilding every few years. Additionally, you’ll need to maintain the air compressor. Alternatively, you can purchase a PSA oxygen generator that uses desiccated air. It is best to talk to the manufacturer about your installation needs. They will advise you on the best method of care and maintenance for your equipment.

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