The Benefits of Participating in Team Sports


There are many reasons to participate in team sports, from the physical to mental benefits, to making new friends – everyone will have their own reason. Let’s take a look at a few examples of them…

Physical Benefits

We all know that sports and any physical activity do great things for the body, and team sports are no exception. While some people may find the solitude of jogging by themselves or exercising in a gym unappealing or boring, but find being part of a group working together with the added facet of teamwork makes exercise all that more enjoyable.

The Social Aspect

With social distancing affecting many aspects of life in recent memory, team sports are no exception – rugby, is just one of them, and being inherently dependent on other players, it has been one of the worst hit. Therefore, celebrating one of the most unique aspects of team sports is essential.

Not only do team sports help foster friendships on the field, but also off-field. There are many social events and activities surrounding each game or the entire season, but celebrating losses and/or coming together in defeat can be extremely important experiences to share with others.


Team sports don’t just provide losses or triumphs to its participants, but also teach valuable lessons on how players should conduct themselves in each scenario. With losses, poignant lessons are taught on looking for positives and building into the next game, or with triumphs that respect and humility are just as important as enjoying the glory.


As social creatures, humans have come together in teamwork for millennia, and team sports are no different. We’re hard-wired to work together, and the experience gained from teamwork on a playing field can easily be transferred to an educational setting, a professional setting or everyday life for problem-solving or team projects.

Mental Benefits

As mentioned before, it is not just the body which benefits from participating in team sports, but also the mind. Exercise floods the body with endorphins, and the brain loves this. A healthy body can equal a healthy mind. Being in the midst of a fast-paced game can really focus the mind.

Dealing with Pressure

Depending on how casual or how intense your participation in a team sport may be, the pressure you may feel to perform well will vary. A healthy degree of pressure can be a beneficial thing, because as every person will agree, feeling some kind of pressure at some point in life is inevitable. But when we can experience dealing with that pressure in a safe environment such as a team sport, it can help us deal with it more efficiently in everyday life.

Final Thoughts

A final positive is that with such a vast range of team sports with varying degrees of intensity or experience to participate in, there truly is something for everyone from all walks of life. And besides all the reasons listed above, they can be downright fun and simply something to enjoy!

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