The Basics of Interior Design and Home Decor


Any living space should be created in a way that makes one feel comfortable inside it. It should cater to the likes of the people residing there. A poorly thought-out design can never achieve the desired effect. As remodelling is quite expensive, it is better to take one’s time and decide on a suitable format. The importance of living spaces was felt not long ago when people were required to stay inside for longer durations.


Designing a space and creating an environment involves a lot of different tasks ranging from researching to implementing the design. The procurement of items and decor is also quite important. However, this is made more accessible by things like a custom made curtain online in Australia. One should understand that decor is only a part of interior design. The layout of the building is also directly associated with interior design. Once the form and furniture are decided, the lighting and indoor temperature are considered, along with acoustics. The details on decor and colour palette come last and are very superficial. These are also quite influenced by the location. For example, Sydney gets more sunlight compared to Melbourne, and the colours and decor should change. Here are some of the main issues.

Layout – The layout refers to the placement of objects within the space. This includes pieces of equipment and furniture. They can be both fixed or mobile. The idea is to create a flow in the area. This can be done by creating hierarchies in the space. This can be more effective in open architectural plans where there is more freedom to model the area.

Natural ElementsIndoor plants can be a very effective tool in decor. It can be paired with some stonework or other natural elements. This can create an exquisite design that is simple and easy on the eyes.

Furniture – Furniture is essential as it has a say in the flow of the space. It can make all the more difference in small spaces. Hence it is necessary to be efficient and make the most of the room when choosing furniture.

Trends in Design and Decor

If one doesn’t have the time to study all the workings behind designing a space, following trends can be helpful. The Australian Interior Design Awards often showcase the latest trends in design. Here are some of them.

Retro Colours – Colours inspired by designs decades before are prevalent. Shades like dusty orange and sage green are making a comeback. These shades are also used in textiles, from throw pillows to couch coverings. As mentioned earlier, buying deco panel solutions has become very easy with such custom made curtains online in Australia. The texture of the items is also essential in such ideas as they are supposed to feel a certain way.

Blended Kitchens – Kitchens have always been a separate entity. However, a combined kitchen is becoming more familiar with its rising popularity. In this design, the kitchen blends with the rest of the space. This is more effective in more open areas. This concept allows decor from other rooms to leak into the kitchen, making it more vibrant and creating a personality.

Fewer Corners – Recent designs that have gone popular were seen incorporating soft corners using arches. These provide a smoother transition connecting the spaces compared to square doorways. More furniture is also being seen having circular designs. This trend can be seen in the “Budge Over Dover” design by YSG, one of the nominees. The Modern Coffer of Information

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