The 5 Top Places in the World for Expats, Digital Nomads, and Remote Workers


Let’s face it; recently, we have experienced a significant shift in how we work. The recent lockdowns have resulted in a rise in the number of digital workers, and you can spot many people working from virtually anywhere. And the good news? Remote working is here to stay, and knowing the best places for digital nomads will enhance your working experience. Are you seeking the best sites for expats and remote workers? Well, your choices are limitless.

How can I determine the most suitable destination as a digital nomad or expat? 

First of all, the cost of living matters. You want to start your expat journey in a place where essential items are reasonably priced. This way, you’ll have some bucks to spare for more exploration. Internet connectivity is also worth considering. Working as a digital nomad involves using the internet to connect with teams and share information online. You need fast internet speeds, and lack of it may jeopardize your work.

Lastly, working remotely doesn’t mean that you become a loner. It’s a good networking opportunity, and your chosen city should offer just that. Choose a place offering myriad opportunities and events, allowing you to make new friends. These can be tourist sites, clubs, restaurants, high-end shopping malls, cultural events, and more.

What are the top places for expats and digital workers?

1. Georgia

We all seek affordable yet safe working spaces and I presume you also do. Well, if you’re such a person, Georgia may be the place to be. It’s unlikely to rank highly among the best places for digital nomads, but this doesn’t make it unpleasant. Georgia has a lot to offer to both locals and foreigners alike. It boasts many attractive sites and scenery to arouse a productive mood in any digital worker.

If you’re a food lover, this is yet another reason to tour Georgia. The city is famous for its cuisine, and you can be sure to enjoy its legendary staples and wine. Again, Georgia features a cool temperature conducive, and you’ll enjoy great internet speeds in most places.

2. Australia

The Australian scenic beauty, culture, and cuisine make it a home away from home. Also, there are various activities to do in the city. For instance, you can work on the sandy beaches as you enjoy the sunshine. If seeking outdoor activities to help you unwind after long working hours, Australia offers this and more.

You can tour the many tourist sites available or hop into any pub for a few drinks with friends. Also, you’ll get fast internet speeds in most parts of the city, and working from most locations shouldn’t be a challenge.

3. Italy

We can’t talk of working remotely without mentioning Italy. It’s one of the best countries for digital nomads and remote workers. Whether you’re seeking nationwide Wi-Fi, beautiful outdoor scenery, or a buzzing life in bars and cafes, you’ll get all this in Italy.

That’s not all, though! The cost of living is friendly to digital nomads, particularly in Florence and Bologna. You’ll also enjoy great weather and multiple natural landscapes that you can explore during your free time. What of the cuisines? Italy is famous among food lovers and boasts of finger-licking dishes. The common traditional foods include;

  • Lasagna
  • Polenta
  • Arancini
  • Ravioli
  • Ribollita

4. France

France is renowned for its fine food, cultural institutions, and bohemian neighborhoods. It’s a beautiful place to work from and caters to the needs of anyone who fancies working from cozy cafes and other social joints.

The country is famous for its excellent healthcare system, making it a great spot for expats, digital nomads, and tourists. You don’t need to have a digital nomad visa to stay and work remotely in France if on a short tour; a tourist visa serves the purpose.

5. Colombia

Colombia is yet another attractive spot for remote workers. Its magnificent landscape draws many visitors from all parts of the globe and makes a great place for photo lovers. If you want to work and make memories out of your location, Colombia suits you best. You can always take a photo or two in most places.

If you are an outdoor person, the list of activities is endless. You can work in a pub as you enjoy the local music or engage in many other events to help you relax. Moreover, the internet should be the least of your worries in Colombia. You’ll get the best speeds in the city and can work from different locations.

Final thoughts

Working remotely requires a lot of planning, and choosing your destination determines your choice. There are multiple destinations to choose from, but the cost of living and internet speed should guide your choices. If you’re seeking the best destination as a digital nomad or expat, consider the mentioned places, and enjoy working in the most beautiful cities in the world.

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