Thank you Aconcagua for this extraordinary experience


We want to thank you for everything, the way you received us, the security you gave us, and for always being so aware of us, very happy and wanting to return. Thanks for your support. We had an enjoyable experience on this Aconcagua Ascents. Everything worked fine; all changes performed in the best way! We return with perfect memories. I hope to see you again. I have done an Aconcagua treks for the last two climbing seasons, and I would not hesitate to select them if I had to do another Aconcagua trek. It is essential to do an excellent job organizing accommodation and transportation; our guide was indeed excellent. Not only is he a skilled and trained mountaineer, but he is a certified guide who helps clients reach their potential. The staff at Plaza de Mulas cooked some of the best meals I have had on the mountain, and I have been a mountaineer since 1999. Also, they can hire porters and mules, if needed, so that you can conserve some energy for the high camps and the top. I couldn’t have reached the top of Aconcagua last year without the help and support of my entire team. I share with you some of the sensations. Each member of the group of walkers who have been enjoying the beauties of our geography has been enjoying the attractiveness of our geography for some years. This time there were 6 of us, but we are 10, all childhood companions. I should mention that this route is terrific but challenging (we passed seven openings between 4,600 mt and 5,000 mt, with temperatures of up to 10 degrees below zero at night). The photos only portray a small moment of everything we have been able to see, and about all favoured by a beautiful climate where the 12 days that the trip lasted there was not a drop of rain or any cloud. It is something that everyone who comes to Aconcagua should know, and the media should spread it since, in reality, it is a route generally travelled by foreigners. A special thanks to our experienced guides, as well as our cooks, authentic chefs (all the food at the Plaza de Mulas and Confluencia campgrounds was way above our expectations). During my expedition, I have completed a trek of many days on Aconcagua. My companions were Ramon, the guide and three other people from Bulgaria. How can I describe the days that we have spent? Our guide is a very present, attentive, silent, humble and compassionate man. He likes adventure, responsible. I am happy to have spent these 15 days with them. At the moment, I cannot say anything to improve, so I have experience in the mountains, and he was patient and good-humoured and interested in my time for my many photos and my meditations. Aconcagua hike was an magical experience.

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