Ten Tips on Buying Large Rugs


You can buy rugs from all kinds of places now. Home stores often have a rug section, you can find dedicated rug shops, Melbourne, and of course a great number of online options. This means you can sometimes get overwhelmed with the choice you have in size, material, type colours and so on. Before you just make a rushed decision here are ten things to keep in mind!

  • Where is the rug being placed? Where in the room are you placing the rug? Is it going to be central in the room or to the side somewhere? Will it be surrounded by furniture or have furniture placed on it? That is going to affect your choice.
  • What colour and style is best? Most people have a theme to each room even if that theme is just colour-based. The style of the rug and the colour needs to fit with the room’s theme. You can choose to fit the rug into the scheme of colours, create contrast, add interest or keep it neutral. I
  • The best type of rug – There are a lot of different materials and types of magnolia home rugs so the best one for you depends on what you are looking for. Something thick and comforting, something with charm, something practical, something made only from natural fibres and so on. Whether you choose large round rugs Melbourne, or something small and rectangular you can get different textures and qualities from different types.
  • What room is it for? Just as where you place it in the room, the actual room will also have an impact on your choice.Some rugs are better for a bedroom than a narrow hallway, others are better for a bathroom than a formal dining room! Apart from this, we would suggest you to visit this link if you are into bear rugs.
  • The size you need – As you visit rug shops Melbourne or where you are you should think about how big you want the rug. You get standard sizes so measure the space and find what best suits your measurements.
  • How high quality do you want it? Price is not always a promise of quality but if you are buying from someone reputable it can be an indicator. If it is a rug for your camper van, perhaps something cheaper is better than what you might place in pride of placing in your living room.
  • How much traffic will the rug see? If you are placing it somewhere that sees a lot of foot traffic you will want a rug more durable and made of certain materials.
  • Is it likely to get wet? A rug that is in the kitchen or bathroom where it is more likely to see spills and moisture needs to be properly water-resistant so they do not get damaged and mouldy.
  • How easy is it to clean? If you have a lot of people using it, or pets and children, then you will definitely want to look into how easy the rug is to clean and make sure it is something you can do at home. Sending it out every time gets expensive and damages the rug over time.
  • What to consider if buying online – If you are looking at large round rugs Melbourne online, then look at their shipping terms, and what their returns policy is. Having to pay for your own return shipping can be expensive for large rugs.

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