TechieFriends provides a way for techies to earn money from their skills


With the technology landscape changing constantly, the need for tech professionals has greatly increased. While in the past, only businesses or large corporate employees could get reliable access to tech support, more businesses are finding ways to make tech support more easily accessible and affordable.

Since its launch in January 2021, the TechieFriends online tech support marketplace has been focused on delivering safe and affordable support for any tech issue at home and for small businesses. In addition to helping the community, the platform also gives people looking to earn money through their tech expertise a chance to share their wisdom and gain revenue in the process. The platform was built to provide additional earning opportunities for people who are full-time working or studying and can spare extra time to help people with tech issues.

TechieFriends is different from other platforms out there because it is focused on building a tech community to make tech simple for everyone. It gives professionals a flexible work schedule where they can decide what time they want to work. Additionally, these technicians can define their services and rates without having to endure the hassle and cost of setting a shop up and doing marketing. While technicians need to go through an interview process, technical tests, and background checks that are performed by appropriate authorities, they do not need a formal tech degree to join. The platform is designed for anyone who is good with technology and has a good foundation in networking along with problem solving skills. In order to succeed as a techie, all you need to do is to be helpful, friendly and patient with clients facing tech issues. Through the use of AI, TechieFriends is committed to helping technicians resolve problems quickly and make more money. The platform pays these Techies on a weekly basis and provides a complete overview of all the problems resolved, money made, and future scheduled tickets.

Technicians can sign up with three simple steps. All they need to do is sign up and fill in their profile information, go through a tech assessment, and list the services which they can offer. As a last step, the team behind the platform will schedule a discussion and online assessment. Once a technician receives approval, they can list their services on the platform and start earning money from their skills.

After years of experience in the tech industry, the founders understand that in order to emerge in the very-saturated market and establish authority, startups need a significant amount of capital to set up a shop. In addition, entrepreneurs need to budget for marketing as well as other costs associated with establishing their business. It also takes quite a bit of time to build a new business and make a name in the market. However, with the TechieFriends platform, it is now easier for people to launch their own business and provide tech solutions to the public. They simply need to list their services and build their reputation. The platform provides support for technicians who are looking to get customers. Once TechieFriends connects a technician with a client, it is up to the technician to ensure the client is satisfied. Satisfied clients leave great feedback which then helps the technician to stand out to future potential clients.

The team behind the platform also provides expert insight and advice on how to expand a business. Moreover, they welcome all technicians to join the community regardless of whether they already have an existing business or not. Through their experience, the TechieFriends team also knows how to effectively list services so that customers can easily understand them. Unlike some other tech platforms, technicians can list any number of services on the platform as long as they are in line with the platform’s “terms of service.”

Interconnected lifestyles have significantly improved quality of life and advancements in technology have helped with everything from surveillance to security, health and wellness, smart entertainment, and energy management, just to name a few. However, what has also come along with it is the added layer of complexity of interoperability and connectivity.

With the TechieFriends market platform, technicians can register to provide reliable support services. The platform supports the community on two levels. Firstly, it offers people with the tech skills who want to be their own boss an opportunity to earn money from their skills. Furthermore, it offers reliable services for communities looking for safe and reliable tech support at an affordable price. The platform guarantees quality and reliability by properly validating the skills and background of its technicians in addition to recording all the services delivered over the platform.

In the last few months, the platform already has a large number of highly skilled technicians who can provide over 100 services. The intention is to offer home consumers a great alternative to expensive and complex support services. The platform fills a gap by enabling people to get the most out of the technology they already own. With TechieFriends, people need not waste time and effort with tech issues. Instead, they can easily reach out to the right technician from the comfort of their homes and get immediate resolution with guaranteed safety.

Since the services TechieFriends offers are so affordable, it just makes sense to seek help through the platform instead of searching the web to tech issues. The key difference between the TechieFriends platform and other alternatives is safety, affordability, and immediate assistance. In the past, remote tech support for home users was not safe and was expensive. These concerns made anyone struggling with tech issues hesitant about seeking help. Nonetheless, TechFriends provides transparency, safety and a wide variety of technicians who are motivated to deliver the best service.

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