Tantric Massage Therapy: Treat Your Anxiety and Depression In a Different Way


It has to be said that therapies like tantric massage have fast become some of the most effective non-medical treatments for things like anxiety and depression in the modern day. One of the key reasons that this has become the case, is the fact that there are no side effects that you will get from taking a simple massage for example. This cannot be said for the various drugs that are commonly used for the same purpose on the market. More and more people really are starting to see the benefit in such holistic therapies in the modern day.

How Can Tantric Massage Help Me?

Clearing the Mind – Many of us have issues with things like depression, anxiety and stress as we tend to let things get on top of us, and cannot operate with a clear mind. This is where tantric massage comes in. All those stressful thoughts and negativity will literally switch off (temporarily) during your tantric massage session. Usually through a tantric meditation, you will learn to truly focus and have clarity of thought. These are very effective tools that you can also use in your day to day to life, and are not restricted to your massage session.

The key here is to use them regularly though. If you are given the best prenatal massage in Singapore tools, and you simply don’t use them, you will never succeed in beating ailments like this.

Breathing Techniques – The Tantric breathing techniques that you will be taught be your practitioner, are also very helpful in combatting things like anxiety and stress for example. One of the reasons that we become anxious or stressed in the first place, is that we let things overwhelm us, and your heart rate will naturally rise, and your breathing will be shallow during such times. By basically being taught ‘how to breathe’, we are able to stop things like anxiety, albeit temporarily in it’s tracks. Again, this can be a valuable tool that those that use Tantra will use a part of everyday life, and not just in the tantric massage setting for example.

The Power Of Touch – One of the other things about tantra is the sensual touch aspect. Even just the power of touch is greatly underestimated, particularly for those that are suffering from psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. It is also said that through touch we release the feel-good hormone oxytocin. It is commonly known as the feel good hormone and various studies have shown how this greatly reduces a stress response. The power of sensual touch can also provide a very strong healing force, and therefore this can also be beneficial for those that suffer from problems like this, by getting a regular tantric or sensual massage in London for example.

What Are you Waiting For?

Within the article, we have covered some of the common ways in which tantric massage can help to reduce anxiety. This really is just some of the very basic elements, but it is worth mentioning that this really just skims the surface of the positive effects that Tantra can have on body, mind and spirit.

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