Talented Home Tutor in Singapore


Singapore is one of those countries that have one of the best education standards in the world. The country’s education system had received the best education system in the world in 2015. The country’s education is focused on teaching the students various problems solving subjects and skills. They are very much focused on English and Mathematics. An average child in Singapore is months ahead in math and English than a child in the western country. But it has effects on the children’s education. They feel so the pressure to maintain good results in exams. The private tuition at home can help the student to improve in this section. That’s why home tuition is becoming so popular in Singapore. Home tutors are now high in demand. Many professional home tutors are earning $1 million per year nowadays.

What should a tutor offer to a student?

A tutor can offer academic help and support to his students. He can help students in increasing their marks, understanding challenging concepts, developing skills, etc. They can also help a student with outside information and make his students ready for different significant examinations. An expert or specialist tutor can help students with varying capabilities of learning.

What does it need to become a good tutor?

You must have to complete these following steps if you want to be a good home tutor:

  1. You have to be a graduate from Junior College/Polytechnic level

A tutor must need to have an A-level certificate or diploma, at least to work with the student. Most parents won’t choose you if you are less than that.

  1. Complete University level

There are high demands for tutors who have completed their Bachelor’s degrees from local universities. Well qualified tutors who have passed from subjects like English, Mathematics, or Science subjects get higher pay according to the demand.

  1. Keep a track record

It is essential to make sure that you have provided enough support to your tutee, and they have improved remarkably. Then building up that track record will help to make you different than others. It will also help you to get recommendations.

  1. Advertise your service

Track records can prove you as a successful and effective tutor. It will help you to request for higher rates. But you need to advertise your service to get more tuitions. At this point, you need to contact with renowned local tuition agency.

Tuitioncity is the best local platform in Singapore. Their records and services are also the best. They provide tutors for all types of subjects, and the rates are also affordable.

  1. Other certifications

Though there is no certificate needed officially to become a home tutor, some courses can help you be the right tutor. If you have come from another job field to be a tutor, it will help you improve your credentials.

If you are now to start earning as a good home tutor, you should know a few things and improve those in you.

  • It’s not necessary to be an expert on all the subjects to start tuitions. All it is important is how passionate you are about the subjects and how well you know the syllabus.
  • You have to focus on making your students feel comfortable and trust you. Every child’s needs are different, and you have understood this principle.
  • In a tutor’s profession, you need to have patience and encourage your students to try again and again if they fail to understand any topic.
  • Always try to prepare yourself on the subject or topic you are going to teach your students. Make study plans, notes, assessments, etc.

Despite being a stressful job, tutoring is a rewarding job as well. If you enjoy teaching and also like kids, then you will surely enjoy tutoring.

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