Tactics for Fighting a DUI


It is not easy to succeed in a case involving a DUI/DWI defense. That so, it’s not completely out of the question to emerge victorious. If you retain the services of a New Jersey DWI/DUI Defense Lawyer who is aware of and has helped others triumph over these drunk driving charges, you will be in a favourable position. Legal Services Provided By Matthew V.

For those caught driving under the influence in the Garden State, consequences can be rather severe. An effective defence plan will take advantage of any opening to mitigate sanctions and discredit any evidence presented against you.

Methods of Combating a DUI Charge

Investigate the police logs to see if The Attorney will timely obtain copies of the police reports and carefully examine them for discrepancies with the DWI form, the test form, and the implied permission form.

  • Watch and listen closely to the footage and audio and draw conclusions. You may have your statements suppressed if no documentation exists. The lawyers not only make the request for the tapes but also make sure they are delivered on time.
  • Pursue the blunder of the police: Due to police error, you may be able to get your DWI charges dropped in rare circumstances. Together, we will seek clarification on a range of issues, such as: Does the cop have a good reason to pull you over? When the police officer requested field sobriety testing, did he or she have reasonable suspicion that the subject was impaired? Before requesting a field sobriety test, did the officer allow you to speak with an attorney? Have the results been correctly interpreted by the police officer? During a one-leg stand test, for instance, the officer must demonstrate proper technique. Did the law enforcement officer who used the breathalyzer have the required training and certification to do so?
  • If a DUI case is not dismissed during the pretrial hearing, a defence attorney can help by negotiating with the prosecutor to reduce or dismiss the charges. Our lawyers are well-versed in negotiating with local prosecutors and demonstrating the flaws and contradictions in the prosecution’s case. The DUI case against you will be dropped thanks to our expert skills in this area.
  • Exude confidence and competence in the courtroom by demonstrating that you have: If your case goes to trial, our attorneys will be prepared. They’re dedicated to helping each client succeed in the long run.

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