Tabo: A Famous Place in the Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh


Are you planning an offbeat holiday? Well, there is no better place than Spiti Valley. The place is blissful for nature lovers and those who want to explore their adventurous side. Loaded with nature’s choicest blessings, this place is a treat to the eyes and an elixir for the soul.

One of the offbeat locations that many globetrotters have in their bucket list is Tabo village. Despite being a small village that sits at 10,760 ft., this place draws a lot of attention from travellers. Although Tabo is a small village, it is the home to the 1000-year-old Buddhist monastery. So, don’t miss a chance to be here, and for easier travel, you can always book or hire a taxi in Chandigarh from one of leading Tour Travel Chandigarh Company. Let’s explore more about Tabo village and some of the must-see places in Tabo.

  1. Tabo Monastery – One of the key attractions of this place is Tabo Gompa, which is also known as Tabo Chaos-Khor Monastery. This 1000-year-old monastery was founded in 996 AD. While the external appearance of the monastery might exhibit a different aura, the walls inside are decorated with paintings, murals, thangka art, and frescoes. It also has cave shrines and four decorated stupas.
  2. Tabo Caves – The next key attraction of this place is the Tabo caves which are easily visible on the hillside. These are artificially built caves and are home to monks who used them to take shelter from the harsh winters in this part of the town.  Today, these caves are used for meditation. If you want to visit these caves, you would need to hike up to 200 meters.
  3. Monastery Museum – For the lovers of history and the explorer, you have a monastery museum, which looks like a hut, but the moment you enter this place, you will see a huge statue of Maitreya, who is claimed to be the successor of Gautama Buddha who is yet to arrive.

How To Reach Tabo

  1. By Road – Tabo valley is easily accessible by road. If you are an adventure lover, a road trip to Tabo will be the best.

It is the easiest and the best way to reach your destination. Many taxi services in Chandigarh and Delhi will help you reach this place. You can pick the best taxi service in Chandigarh, reach Manali or Shimla, and continue your trip. Also, bus service is available from this town that will take you to Shimla.

  1. By Air – Although there is no direct flight to this place, you can book a flight to Kullu Manali Airport and then take a cab to reach Tabo, 300 kilometres away from the airport.
  2. By Rail – The easiest way to reach Tabo by rail is to reach the Shimla railway station, and taxis are available here. Tabo is 363 kilometres from the Shimla railway station.

Best Time to Visit Tabo

If you want to explore the place without getting shivers down the spine, then May to October is the best time. It is neither too cold nor too hot, and all the places remain easily accessible. The temperature during the summer is around 20 °C during the day but drops to −5 °C at night.

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