Survival Tips for the Onslaught of Homework and Exams


Hoo boy! The move from primary school to high school is no small jump. Kids are going from being the big fish in a little pond to being the smallest in a vast sea.

On top of that, high school teachers are famed for dumping tons of homework assignments and exams on their students.

It’s a little nerve-wracking, to say the least.

You’ve already been through high school and understand that maybe it wasn’t as bad as you thought. However, your child has no idea what they’re about to face, and understandably so.

Here are a few tips to help them prepare for the onslaught of homework and exams they are about to face (or so they say).

Ready for Their First Day

Make sure your child has everything they need for the first day, including uniforms, stationery, and other items. Encourage your child to pack everything up the night before. This will limit any last-minute panicking in the morning when they can’t find their pencils or notebooks.

Run the Route to School

Studying in year 7 means more changes than just more hefty homework assignments. Many children begin going to school on their own.

If your child will be walking, biking, or taking a bus or train, go the route with them a few times before the big day. Let them lead to make sure they know the way.

Remind them of what time school starts, and to think about what time they need to get up in order to leave the house on time. Don’t do it for them because this is part of growing up, but help them to organise a routine that will make them feel prepared for their first day.

Study Hard

By the time most primary students reach high school, they’ve heard more than one story about the rigours of high school homework. While it’s true they will have to work hard, this isn’t a bad thing.

Nor is it an overly difficult thing if they are prepared to study.

Encourage your child to develop a routine that includes their homework. Doing it first thing after arriving home is usually a good plan. It’s too easy to get distracted and waste the afternoon if they sit down in front of the TV first.

Finish up their homework and then they have the rest of their day to spend as they please.

Enjoy the Experience!

High school is a lot of hard work, but that isn’t all. It’s also a great time to make new friends, dive into new hobbies and experiences, and grow as a person.

With a great morning and study routine, your child will feel better prepared to tackle the challenges that come with high school.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt to remind them that good ole mom and dad are here for them whenever they need…even if they roll their eyes at you when you say it!

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