Stress Management Ideas for Relaxing Your Mind and Body at Home


Your home should be your safe haven, a place where you can unwind and recharge. It’s important to manage the stress in your daily life and be able to relax mentally and physically when you’re at home. Here are some ideas to help you unburden yourself from the day and relax both your mind and body in your safe place.

Have a Daily Drink, Minus the Calories (and Hangover!) — A non-alcoholic wine is exactly what you need at the end of each day to help manage your stress with a healthier alternative to booze. It’s the perfect way to decompress with a daily drink yet to skip all of the negative health effects that come from consuming alcohol.

In addition to concerns like weight gain and high blood pressure, research shows that even moderate alcohol consumption can disrupt the quality of your sleep. If you’re trying to manage stress, then you can’t afford to have a poor night of rest. A bubbly non-alcoholic rosé is a great way to get the relaxing experience of an afternoon drink but still be able to sleep well each night. That way, you’ll be able take on your busy schedule the next day without skipping a beat!

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Keep Your Favorite Guilt-Free Treats on Hand — The key to relieving stress at home is to find things that make you feel mentally and physically good. Forget the indulgent desserts that are sure to make you regret them later and opt for things that leave you feeling satiated and light.

Everyone’s idea of the perfect guilt-free treat will vary from person to person. There are tons of ways to put a healthy twist on even the most rewarding treats.

Maybe it’s the perfect collection of mocktail recipes with fresh ingredients you keep on hand, a gluten-free brownie mix or some frozen fruit in the freezer to throw into your favorite smoothie — find what hits the spot for your sweet tooth and get creative with making it guilt-free. Your mind and body will thank you!

Create a No-Phone Zone — Once you’ve got your alcohol-free bubbly drink and a no-regrets treat in hand, make sure you set the phone down and turn down the noise of the world for a while. It’s important to give your mind a break from the constant scrolling and intaking of information.

Set up a space in your house where you can go at the end of each day and have no sounds or light from any phones bonus points if that room has no screens at all. This might take some getting used to if you’re wanting to always feel a constant connection with your social networks, but we promise you’ll eventually feel the physical and mental comfort that comes from being off-grid for the night. The world will still be there waiting for you in the morning, so make sure you unplug for a bit each night.

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Write It Down — If you’re one of those people who struggles to manage stress because your brain is constantly running at 100 mph, here is a tip to help you unload the information out of your mind. Try keeping a notepad nearby in the area you most often are in your house. Store it easily within reach for when inspiration strikes or you feel the stress of forgetting something important.

When you have a thought bouncing around in your mind and find yourself unable to stop chasing it, pull out that notepad and write it down. Getting it out on paper will help you relax and feel safe knowing your idea won’t get forgotten. You’ll be able to be more present in your relaxation time with the security of being able to revisit that idea later on when you’re ready.

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Make Time to Be Together — Last, the best way to manage stress and relax your mind and body is to make sure you’re setting aside time to be with the people you love. This time will remind you of the reason behind all your hard work. Prioritize creating a block of time each day to be with those who matter most and forget about your daily stress. Filling your nights with laughter and memories will carry you through the work days ahead.

To summarize, managing your stress is possible. Turn your home into a stress-free zone with these tips we’ve discussed here today. Be mindful with choosing treats that will make you feel good and keep them on hand for some healthy relaxation at the end of your day. Create an area where there are no phones allowed and keep a pad of paper nearby in case you just can’t get that nagging thought out of your head. Most importantly, prioritize spending time with your loved ones each night so you can refresh and refuel for the days to come.

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