Streetwear and Its Movement Into Luxury High Fashion


Fashion trends come and go but streetwear looks like it’s going to be here to stay. Comfy clothes have always been a part of our wardrobe, but they’ve typically been confined to hangover and duvet days. But what counts as streetwear?

Anything from a tracksuit to trainers comes under the streetwear umbrella. Basically, if it’s comfy and you could wear it to play sports or lounge around – then it’s streetwear. Let’s take a look into where streetwear came from and how it became one of the top fashion trends.

Where did streetwear come from

Streetwear first came into our lives in the 80’s as a kind of artistic expression. Skate brands such as Supreme and surf brands such as Stüssy started to push their way to the front. They would style hip-hop artists who weren’t wanted by the traditional luxury brands of the time.

At the same time that hip-hop artists were changing the shape of the music industry, brands such as Stüssy and Supreme were pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry. These two worlds came together to help push each other up in the prospective fields.

The fact that these brands were just starting out and had limited resources actually helped elevate their brands further. Limited availability gives the illusion of luxury (a trick used by many luxury brands currently). This then made the popularity of streetwear and street style boom.

The success of this style quickly spread across the globe naturally through word of mouth. The organic spread of streetwear was synonymous with the ethos of the style – that you can wear what you want and not fit the mould. This ethos is still present today, despite the growth in popularity.

Most popular streetwear styles

With skateboarding making a huge comeback as a sport in recent years, the style has come back with it. Some would argue that skate style is where street style originated so it’s only natural that it has come back with full force.

Pioneers of streetwear such as Hiroshi Fujiwara have stated that “street fashion now has naturally flowed from skateboarding” but that now “sneakers and hip-hop culture have become street culture.”

When it comes to street style, the baggier the better. The skateboarding look of baggy jeans is well and truly back and skate shoes such as Vans are back to complete the look as well. If you’re looking to add more streetwear to your wardrobe, then this is a great place to start.

But if you’re still a bit tentative, why not try a tracksuit? Not only will you be super comfortable but it’s so easy to add to your wardrobe. Just add your favourite pair of trainers and you’ve got your first streetwear outfit ready to go.

In terms of accessories, it’s always going to be about the trainers. This is where you can add your own unique flair to an outfit as well. Why not try a bright colour or statement pattern? Bags can be a great way to accessorise too. Backpacks and bumbags are the go-to – and are a great way to keep your hands free.

Streetwear to high fashion

There is a plethora of high fashion brands that have latched on to the new wave of streetwear popularity. But some of these high fashion streetwear brands have been doing street style since their fruition.

Take Off-White as an example. This brainchild of the late Virgil Abloh, Off-White started back in 2013 and has now got 15 locations around the world. They have a huge book of celebrity clients and Kylie Jenner even wore an Off-White creation to the Met Gala in 2022.

There are lots of brands dedicated entirely to streetwear but some of the OG brands have done collaborations with luxury brands too. Supreme has had collaborations with huge luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Stone Island.

From skateboarding to the catwalk, streetwear has well and truly cemented itself into the fashion world. Why not try adding some streetwear into your wardrobe?

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